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21 Feb 201810 years of laser communications in space
11 Sep 2017Tesat and BridgeSat partner to provide optical communications
28 Sep 2015NFIRE decommissioned
03 Apr 2012Orbital receives order for Minotaur I launch vehicle from USAF
30 Jun 2011Minotaur I launches ORS-1 from MARS
05 Mar 2010Orbital to acquire GD Advanced Information Systems
15 Jun 2009TerraSAR-X marks two successful years in orbit
20 May 2009Minotaur launches experimental U.S. military satellite
25 Sep 2008Minotaur II+ launched for NFIRE test
23 Aug 2007NFIRE test missile launched after delays
17 Aug 2007Problems with satellite lead to missile-defense test delay
02 Jul 2007Goodrich technology controls NFIRE's attitude
25 May 2007GD-AIS completes NFIRE on-orbit checkout
24 Apr 2007NFIRE launched from Wallops Island
23 Apr 2007Delay of the day: NFIRE
17 Dec 2006First rocket launched from MARS
04 Aug 2006TacSat 2 to lift off from Wallops Island
04 Oct 2005NFIRE Proposal May Spark Hill Debate On Space Weapons
26 Aug 2005Tests Might Shape Role Of Laser Comms In MDA Space Efforts
25 Mar 2004Spectrum Astro on schedule with satellite project
09 Jun 2003Spectrum Astro and OHB-System form alliance
23 Jan 2003Four launch contracts for Orbital's small rocket's
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