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06 Apr 2015Orbital ATK celebrates 25th anniversary of first Pegasus launch
29 Apr 2013Orbital selected by NASA to build Icon space weather satellite
24 Apr 2013Orbital selected by NASA for TESS astrophysics satellite
13 Nov 2012Learning from the NuSTAR Launch Delay
30 Jul 2012NuSTAR ready for science
22 Jun 2012NuSTAR observatory unfurls its mast
13 Jun 2012Orbital launches company-built NuSTAR satellite aboard Pegasus rocket
12 Jun 2012NuSTAR cleared for launch aboard Pegasus
07 Jun 2012Pegasus rocket for NuSTAR launch arrives at Kwajalein Atoll
30 May 2012NuSTAR pre-launch details
22 May 2012NASA's NuSTAR gearing up for launch
04 Apr 2012Launch of NASA X-ray telescope targeted for June
16 Mar 2012NuSTAR launch further delayed
12 Mar 2012Delay of the day: Pegaus XL/NuSTAR
25 Jan 2012NuSTAR shipped to Vandenberg AFB
03 Nov 2011Orbital teamed with three NASA Explorer Mission finalists
08 Jul 2009Orbital to build new satellite to study X-ray polarisation
10 Feb 2009Orbital to launch NuSTAR
02 Oct 2007Update: NASA resuscitates NuSTAR
21 Sep 2007NASA resuscitates NuSTAR
27 Jan 2005NASA selects IBEX for Small Explorer programme
05 Nov 2003NASA selects five candidates for SMEX missions
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