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16 Apr 2018Ball Aerospace completes hand over of JPSS-1 to NASA, NOAA
04 Apr 2018NGC-built ATMS and CERES instruments
03 Dec 2017JPSS-2 Critical Design Review completed
06 Nov 2017JPSS-1 launch comes closer
26 Oct 2017Next-gen weather satellite JPSS-1 readies for launch
05 Sep 2017JPSS-1 has new target launch date
14 Jul 2017Soyuz launches 73 satellites
15 Feb 2017Ball Aerospace awarded spacecraft operation support
21 Dec 2016EUMETSAT and NOAA sign Polar System Programme plan
28 Oct 2016Ball Aerospace-built Suomi NPP celebrates 5 years on orbit
22 Apr 2016Ball Aerospace begins testing JPSS-1
18 Mar 2016NASA awards instrument contract for JPSS Missions
01 Jul 2015Ball Aerospace powers on NOAA's JPSS-1 weather satellite
09 Apr 2015Cross-track Infrared Sounder integrated on JPSS-1 spacecraft
10 Mar 2015Imaging instrument successfully integrated on JPSS-1
18 Feb 2015Cross-track Infrared Sounder completes pre-shipment review
09 Feb 2015JPSS-1 imaging instrument completes major development milestone
19 Nov 2014Direct broadcast reception site completed in Miami
19 Nov 2014Northrop Grumman awarded ATMS contract for JPSS
22 Oct 2014NASA awards ATMS contract modification for JPSS-2
16 Sep 2014NASA Awards Cross-track Infrared Sounder Instrument for JPSS-2
11 Jun 2014JPSS-1 ozone monitoring instrument completes major milestone
10 Jun 2014NOAA retires NOAA-16 polar satellite
01 May 2014Suomi NPP is primary polar-orbiting weather satellite
03 Feb 2014Ball Aerospace completes risk reduction test for JPSS-1 satellite
03 Dec 2013Ball Aerospace completes primary structure for JPSS-1
15 Nov 2013JPSS reviewers push for new gap-filler weather satellite
20 Sep 2013Environmental Satellites: Focused Attention Needed to Improve Mitigation Strategies for Satellite Coverage Gaps
28 Aug 2013EUMETSAT and NOAA sign long-term agreement
12 Aug 2013NOAA's JPSS programme procures VIIRS weather prediction instrument
28 Jun 2013More bandwidth for Metop data
27 Jun 2013NOAA's Joint Polar Satellite System completes critical programme reviews
10 Apr 2013NOAA retires polar-orbiting satellite
04 Mar 2013NASA transfers operational control of environmental satellite
09 Jan 2013Ball Aerospace completes successful Critical Design Review for JPSS-1
08 Jan 2013Ball Aerospace OMPS sensor for JPSS-1 progressing ahead of schedule
08 Nov 2012Ball Aerospace celebrates Suomi NPP one year anniversary
27 Sep 2012Report urges NOAA to narrow focus of JPSS satellite
22 Aug 2012Sierra Nevada supports ISS communications experiment
13 Aug 2012Ball Aerospace incorporates enhanced data communication for JPSS-1
13 Aug 2012NASA finalises contracts for NOAA's JPSS-1 mission
22 Jul 2012Soyuz lifts five satellites
16 Jul 2012NASA launch contracts for Delta II, Falcon 9
26 Jun 2012NOAA: data from new satellite implemented in record time
08 Mar 2012Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership begins climate and weather studies
25 Jan 2012NASA renames Earth-observing mission in honour of satellite pioneer
24 Jan 2012Ball Aerospace-built OMPS instrument onboard NPP satellite returns first data
23 Jan 2012Ball Aerospace reports progress for JPSS-1
23 Jan 2012NPP resumes mission checkout phase after VIIRS anomaly
23 Nov 2011NASA's NPP satellite acquires first VIIRS image
11 Nov 2011NASA'S NPP satellite acquires first ATMS measurements
28 Oct 2011Long-delayed U.S. weather satellite launched
26 Oct 2011Scientists counting on NPP amid programmatic turmoil
25 Oct 2011EUMETSAT-NOAA co-operation continues with NPP
24 Oct 2011Polar orbiter going up to improve weather forecasting
19 Oct 2011Delay of the day: Delta II/NPP
12 Oct 2011U.S. weather and climate satellite scheduled for launch on 27 October
04 Oct 2011Delays of the day: NPP, Intelsat 18
12 Sep 2011GRAIL satellites on their way to the moon
31 Aug 2011NPP arrives at Vandenberg
25 Aug 2011Raytheon ground system passes test for polar orbiting satellite
08 Aug 2011NASA's NPP satellite completes comprehensive testing
05 Aug 2011Juno's journey to Jupiter has started
02 Jun 2011NASA OIG: NASA's Management of NPP
18 May 2011Ball Aerospace completes thermal vacuum testing for NPP
14 Apr 2011Final testing starts for NPP
14 Feb 2011NASA's NPP satellite undergoing flight environmental testing
04 Feb 2011NPP weather satellite nearly ready for crucial mission
04 Feb 2011Astrotech Corporation results Q2 FY 2011
01 Dec 2010MTG reaches funding level of 86 percent but Portugal blocks
27 Sep 2010NASA awards Poly Picosatellite Orbital Deployers contract
24 Sep 2010NPP climate satellite passes pre-environmental review
23 Sep 2010NASA awards three JPSS contracts
02 Aug 2010ISS-Reshetnev to continue business integration
23 Jul 2010Ball Aerospace completes integration of NPP's CrIS sensor
29 Jun 2010ITT delivers CrIS sensor for NPP satellite
18 Mar 2010Ball Aerospace integration of VIIRS Instrument for NPP complete
08 Mar 2010Roskosmos blames UK company for Kanopus delay
02 Feb 2010U.S. scrap plan for joint civil/military weather satellite system
29 Jan 2010Ball Aerospace begins integration of VIIRS for NPP satellite
20 Jan 2010VIIRS instrument delivered to NPOESS Preparatory Project
15 Dec 2009New NPP delay possible
01 Dec 2009VIIRS finally ready for shipping
20 Jul 2009ATMS approved for manufacturing and production
15 Jul 2009NPOESS Preparatory Project ground segment ready for operations
22 Jun 2009GAO: problems with new U.S. polar orbit weather satellites continue
19 May 2009VIIRS sensor starts thermal vacuum testing
10 Mar 2009Raytheon completes ground segment test for USAF weather agency
06 Mar 2009SSTL delivers on Russian KANOPUS missions
25 Feb 2009Ball Aerospace completes OMPS integration for NPP
18 Feb 2009VIIRS passes vibration test
16 Dec 2008NPP Mission Operations Readiness review completed
05 Dec 2008Raytheon tests data transfer on environmental satellite system
02 Dec 2008NPOESS sensor VIIRS ready for final environmental tests
17 Nov 2008Northrop Grumman delivers third NPP instrument
10 Nov 2008Northrop Grumman CERES sensor delivered
25 Sep 2008KSAT wins satellite operating contract from Raytheon
24 Sep 2008NPOESS ground segment acceptance testing completed
13 Aug 2008Ball Aerospace begins final integration and test for OMPS instrument
11 Jun 2008New Russian weather satellite delayed again
04 Jun 2008Northrop Grumman to modify CERES sensor
02 May 2008Key climate sensor restored to NPOESS
26 Mar 2008Weather satellite instrument vibration tested
20 Feb 2008NASA extends ICESat mission
23 Jan 2008Trouble with VIIRS continues, delays NPP again
22 Jan 2008'Jubilee' satellite arrives late for jubilee
31 Oct 2007NPOESS C3S completes transition to operations
02 Oct 2007Scientists: NPP instrument unsuitable for climate science
06 Sep 2007CrIS passes structural test
01 May 2007Xilinx QPro radiation-tolerant FPGAs for CrIS
11 Apr 2007NOAA, NASA restore climate sensor to upcoming NPP satellite
28 Mar 2007Russia orders SSTL satellite platform equipment
27 Mar 2007Surrey Satellite Technology wins Russian contract
03 Jan 2007Raytheon delivers VIIRS sensor engineering development unit
18 Dec 2006NOAA, ISRO plan Indian ground station for NPOESS
20 Oct 2006NPP sensor damaged during testing
07 Sep 2006Raytheon completes NPP segment acceptance testing
24 Jul 2006Raytheon, NASA test NPOESS data transfer
08 Mar 2006Space-qualified 1394 chipset for NPOESS passes tests
05 Jan 2006Northrop delivers microwave sounder for NPP
06 Dec 2005Ball Aerospace completes NPP instrument verification and test
05 Jul 2005NPP faces further delay
14 Feb 2005RT Logic provides Systems for NPOESS C3 segment
07 Feb 2005Raytheon successfully tests NPOESS ground system software
27 Jan 2005RT Logic delivers satellite test systems to Ball for NPP
05 Jan 2005Ball Aerospace completes assembly and integration on NPP
29 Sep 2004Ball Aerospace wins global precipitation study contract
03 Aug 2004Ball Aerospace's QuikSCAT outperforms expectations
18 Nov 2003NASA extends QuikSCAT operations
30 Oct 2003Ball Aerospace wins GOES-R system architecture contract
07 Apr 2003Harris to provide microprocessors for NPP
10 Oct 2002Raytheon to deliver instruments for new weather satellites
03 Oct 2002ITT to deliver meteorological satellite instruments
23 May 2002Ball Aerospace to provide NPP spacecraft bus
15 Mar 2002Lockheed submits NPOESS proposal
02 Feb 2001Orbimage products for U.S. Imagery and Mapping Agency
29 Jun 2000Two contracts to study NPP
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