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Articles in our archive

15 Nov 2006Update: We control the vertical. We control the horizontal. Not
07 Apr 2006New Zealand: Digital TV Satellite Transponder Leased
31 Mar 2006Optus B1 services restored
30 Mar 2006Optus B1 loses orientation
20 Jul 2005Optus reaches 1,000 transponder years of service
07 Jun 2005NZLSAT expected to get Kiwi satellite license
03 Jun 2005Sky TV has found a backup satellite, report
31 May 2005Sky TV wants backup satellite for Optus B1
27 May 2005Optus B1 on backup SCP
12 May 2004First payload for Soyuz ST
04 Apr 2000Australian meters to be read wirelessly
24 Jun 1998China: We don't need the U.S. (Sat-ND, 22.06.1998)
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