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Articles in our archive

02 Mar 2017Telesat Holdings Inc. results 2016
28 Feb 2017NSSLGlobal takes transponder on Telstar 12
31 May 2016SpeedCast books South Atlantic Beam on Telstar 12 VANTAGE
12 May 2016Eutelsat Communications third quarter 2015-16 revenues
28 Apr 2016Telesat Holdings Inc. results Q1 2016
16 Feb 2016Panasonic signs contract for Telstar 12 VANTAGE HTS capacity
15 Dec 2015Telstar 12 VANTAGE operational 3 weeks after launch
24 Nov 2015Upgraded H-IIA succeeds on first commercial mission
23 Nov 2015Improved H-IIA to perform first commercial mission
16 Oct 2015Airbus Defence and Space ships Telstar 12 VANTAGE
26 Sep 2013MHI receives order to launch Telstar 12V on H-IIA
01 Aug 2013Astrium to build new satellite for Telesat
01 Dec 2011Eutelsat to rename (almost) entire satellite fleet
02 Jun 2009Telesat sells interest in Telstar 10 (Apstar IIR)
20 Mar 2006Loral Skynet back in North America
02 Feb 2006Loral to build, operate Telstar 11N
05 Dec 2005Libya accused of satellite jamming
10 Sep 2005Loral Skynet completes world-wide deployment of SkyReach
05 Jul 2005News in brief
20 Jun 2005USA using third satellite to overcome Iranian jamming
03 Nov 2004G2 Satellite solutions launches managed network solution service
04 Oct 2004Loral to provide Microcom with SkyReach
16 Sep 2004Globecomm Systems awarded contract from Atlanta DTH
28 Jun 2004Skynet provides Jaguar Cars UK with business TV network
02 Jun 2004Loral rolls out commercial SkyReach service in Americas
15 Apr 2004Loral completes SkyReach service trials
01 Mar 2004Loral Skynet offers Telstar 10 capacity for occasional use in Asia
19 Nov 2003Telstar 12 brings videoconferencing to Middle East
20 Aug 2003Cuba: Iranian diplomats jammed U.S. channels
21 Jul 2003Cuba denies jamming U.S. satellite channels
15 Jul 2003Loral files for chapter 11, sells 6 satellites to Intelsat
14 Jul 2003U.S. TV for Iran jammed by Cuba?
10 Jul 2003Satellite jamming affects U.S. channels targeting Iran
08 Apr 2003Loral Skynet introduces SkyReach
30 Sep 2002DVB/RCS Internet on Telstar 12
30 Jul 2002Rede Globo on Telstar 12
08 Jul 2002More Telstar-12 capacity for ADTH
28 Feb 2001Maritime satellite broadband
19 Sep 2000Eutelsat do Brasil opened
04 Apr 2000Loral Orion gets license for 15 deg W
13 Mar 2000NetSat books TelStar 12
03 Feb 2000Crazybirds go West
14 Dec 1999Eutelsat, Loral Skynet
12 Dec 1999Loral renames satellites
03 Nov 1999PSINet on Orion 2
22 Oct 1999Orion 2
15 Oct 1999New Ariane launch contracts
28 Sep 1999Telstar 7
20 Sep 1999Arianespace reveals provisional launch manifest
28 Jul 1999Telstar 7 switches launch vehicle
12 Jun 1999Hello goodbye
20 May 1999NetSat on Orion 2
03 Apr 1999Eutelsat v/s Orion
17 Mar 1999Telstar 6 in service
05 Feb 1999Integral to control Orions
09 Nov 1998Loral: focus on core leasing and data services
14 Sep 1998Loral alliance
23 Jul 1998SS/L to build Orion 2
11 May 1998New satellites
22 Mar 1998Loral acquires Orion
14 Oct 1997Loral snatches Orion
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