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Articles in our archive

13 May 2009GeoEye-1 partially colour-blind
11 Nov 2008GeoEye, Inc. results Q3 2008
13 Mar 2008GeoEye, Inc. results 2007
26 Sep 2007GeoEye secures insurance for GeoEye-1
12 Mar 2007Commercial spy satellite stops spying
19 Apr 2006European Commission buys OrbView-3 imagery
20 Mar 2006GeoEye awarded additional ClearView contracts
12 Jan 2006Orbimage completes acquisition of Space Imaging
23 Sep 2005Another ClearView contract for Orbimage
29 Jun 2005Orbimage pictures on MSN Search
17 Nov 2004Orbimage results Q3 2004
03 Oct 2004Orbimage gets NextView contract, beats Space Imaging
05 Sep 2004Orbimage results Q2 2004
31 Aug 2004Antrix, NRSA to sell Orbimage products in India
20 Jul 2004Orbital Sciences results Q2 2004
13 Jul 2004OrbView-3, launched a year ago, to live longer
27 May 2004Orbimage looking for new chief financial officer
25 May 2004Orbimage results Q1 2004
30 Mar 2004Orbimage receives ClearView contract
19 Dec 2003First set of images from OrbView-3 released
03 Nov 2003Orbimage reorganisation plan confirmed
15 Sep 2003Orbimage reaches settlement agreement with MDA
22 Jul 2003Orbital Sciences results 2Q 2003
26 Jun 2003Pegasus XL places OrbView 3 in orbit
23 Jun 2003OrbView 3 launch date officially confirmed
20 Jun 2003Orbital announces preliminary second quarter results
21 May 2003Delay of the day: Pegasus XL/OrbView3
28 Apr 2003Pegasus puts GALEX in orbit
15 Apr 2003OrbView-3 shipped to VAFB
22 Jan 2003Orbimage announces terms of a settlement agreement
08 Apr 2002Orbimage files for bankruptcy
07 Mar 2002Orbital reports loss, warns about debt restructuring
05 Feb 2002HESSI
30 Jan 2002Orbital Imaging: chapter 11, second try
13 Nov 2001Management restructuring at Orbimage
01 Oct 2001Orbimage files for chapter 11
24 Sep 1999Orbital, Spot to co-operate
30 Sep 1998Got some spare change (I)?
05 Mar 1998US$173 million for two more OrbViews
29 Jul 1997Commercial eye in the sky
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