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Articles in our archive

11 Oct 2016Spaceflight to launch Terra Bella satellites aboard Falcon 9
14 Dec 2009Delta II lofts infrared observatory
14 Jul 2009Ball Aerospace completes environmental test phase for WISE
06 Mar 2009Advanced Learner's Guide to Conspiracy Theories
24 Jul 2007Orbital Express Sats Decommissioned
03 Jul 2007Final Orbital Express manoeuvre completed with minor flaw
25 Jun 2007Orbital Express experiments continue
18 Jun 2007Orbital Express resumes unmated operations
12 Jun 2007WISE completes CDR at Ball Aerospace
21 May 2007ASTRO, NextSat re-united after computer glitch
15 May 2007Orbital Express mission runs into problem, report
10 May 2007Orbital Express completes first autonomous free flight and capture
19 Apr 2007Orbital Express satellites successfully separate, remate
18 Apr 2007Orbital Express craft exchange fuel, battery
11 Apr 2007Ball Aerospace says its NextSat works fine
30 Mar 2007On-orbit video from Orbital Express available
16 Mar 2007ASTRO had temporary orientation problem
09 Mar 2007Atlas V launches six experimental military satellites
05 Mar 2007STP-1 pre-launch details
15 Feb 2007Delays of the day: STP-1, NigComSat
24 Aug 2006Ball Aerospace delivers Orbital Express NextSat spacecraft
03 Aug 2006Astrotech awarded US$1.6 million contract for Orbital Express mission
13 Apr 2006L-3 tests Orbital Express laser rangefinder
04 Apr 2006Orbital Express passes major test milestones
10 Feb 2006Ball Aerospace completes NextSat payload-to-bus integration
20 Jul 2005Northrop delivers Orbital Express systems to Boeing
04 Apr 2005Harris gets engineering service contract from Northrop
15 Mar 2004Orbital Express costs may double -- report
16 Apr 2003Ball Aerospace to build WISE
13 Mar 2002Boeing to perform phase 2 for Orbital Express
06 Nov 2000Finally! Space robots to refuel satellites in orbit
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