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14 Mar 2018DigitalGlobe selects SpaceX to launch WorldView Legion satellites
06 Jul 2017SSL to provide new imaging satellite constellation to DigitalGlobe
11 Jun 2014DigitalGlobe gets license to sell sharper satellite imagery
08 May 2014European Space Imaging partners with DigitalGlobe and e-GEOS
09 Apr 2013ITT Exelis to fabricate composite structures for GEOStar-3 platform
08 Jan 2013GeoEye announces first sale of stereo imagery products to the Government of India
13 Jul 2012GeoEye signs two new seven-figure GeoEye-1 imagery contracts
04 Jan 2012GeoEye wins multi-year, multi-million dollar Russian contract
11 Mar 2010GeoEye orders new imaging satellite from Lockheed Martin
05 Mar 2010Orbital to acquire GD Advanced Information Systems
17 Dec 2009More problems with GeoEye-1
09 Dec 2009Landsat Data Continuity Mission spacecraft passes critical design review
20 Nov 2009e-GEOS images to be used for GMES services
04 Jun 2009GeoEye-1 problem not expected to materially impact revenues
13 May 2009GeoEye-1 partially colour-blind
12 May 2009GeoEye, Inc. results Q1 2009
20 Feb 2009GeoEye-1 attains full operational capability certification
05 Feb 2009GeoEye-1 starts commercial operations
14 Jan 2009Singapore ground station to collect GeoEye-1 imagery
10 Dec 2008GeoEye completes NextView contract modification with NGA
17 Nov 2008Software Glitches Delay GeoEye Satellite Use
11 Nov 2008GeoEye, Inc. results Q3 2008
09 Oct 2008First image collected by GeoEye-1 released
18 Sep 2008U.S. military to buy commercial-class imagery satellites
09 Sep 2008TAS building a new satellite constellation for O3b Networks
07 Sep 2008Most advanced commercial imaging satellite launched
04 Sep 2008Launch updates
02 Sep 2008Launch updates
01 Sep 2008Satellite firm aims high with launch of GeoEye-1
29 Aug 2008Readiness review confirms GeoEye 1 launch date
26 Aug 2008Delta II Set to Launch GeoEye-1 on 4 September
15 Aug 2008GeoEye-1 launch date confirmed
14 Aug 2008GeoEye, Inc. results Q2 2008
12 Aug 2008Unavailable tracking plane delays GeoEye-1 launch
10 Jul 2008GeoEye's next-generation satellite arrives at Vandenberg
20 Jun 2008Sharper Satellite Images
10 Jun 2008Mirror blank for GeoEye-2 delivered
14 May 2008Launch updates
09 Apr 2008GD-AIS completes testing of GeoEye-1
19 Oct 2007GeoEye initiates development of GeoEye-2
26 Sep 2007GeoEye secures insurance for GeoEye-1
19 Jun 2007Fall Launch Of GeoEye-1 On Track
24 May 2007Starsys completes antenna pointing system for GeoEye-1
01 May 2007GeoEye receives new U.S. government awards
12 Mar 2007Commercial spy satellite stops spying
19 Feb 2007ITT delivers imaging sensor for GeoEye-1
12 Feb 2007StarSys tests GeoEye-1 antenna actuation system
22 Jan 2007GeoEye cameras delivered but launch delayed
15 Nov 2006GeoEye buys high-performance computers
20 Mar 2006GeoEye awarded additional ClearView contracts
17 Dec 2004General Dynamics gets large share of Orbimage's NextView contract
18 Oct 2004E.V. firm to put eye in the sky
05 Oct 2004OrbView-5 to cost US$502 million
03 Oct 2004Orbimage gets NextView contract, beats Space Imaging
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