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12 Sep 2014Update: Ariane 5 ECA launches satellites for Malaysia, Australia
11 Sep 2014Ariane 5 ECA launches satellites for Malaysia, Australia
10 Sep 2014Measat-3b/Optus 10 pre-launch details
29 Aug 2014Optus 10 is readied for launch on Arianespace's next heavy-lift mission
22 Aug 2014First Galileo FOC satellites in orbit
14 Aug 2014Optus 10 is delivered to French Guiana (again)
13 Aug 2014Preparations for next Ariane 5 launch
05 Jun 2014Measat-3b no earlier than September
26 May 2014Delay of the day: Ariane 5/Optus 10 & Measat 3b
30 Apr 2014Optus 10 arrives at Kourou
04 Mar 2013Australian operator orders Ariane launches for broadband satellites
31 Oct 2011Arianespace to launch Australian satellite Optus 10
04 Jul 2011More contracts for TAS EspaƱa
21 Mar 2011SS/L to build tenth Optus satellite
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