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04 Dec 2015Launcher integration is underway for Intelsat 29e launch
10 Nov 2015Intelsat announces 27 January as expected launch date for Intelsat 29e
25 Oct 2012Intelsat satellite-based cinema distribution network for Grupo Chilefilms
10 Nov 2009Gilat Satcom, MYtv book Intelsat capacity
30 Sep 2009Intelsat 14 arrives at the Cape
12 Jun 2008Intelsat renews China Central Television contract for U.S. DTH services
20 Feb 2007More distance learning on IS-1R
19 Jan 2007Intelsat orders IS-14 from Loral
01 Dec 2006CCTV renews contract for PAS capacity
08 Jun 2006Football on nine PanAmSat satellites
13 Mar 2006PanAmSat invests in Pegaso Banda Ancha
07 Feb 2006Pegaso, PanAmSat, ViaSat to link Mexican schools
29 Sep 2005Nigerian ISP to use PAS-1R
09 Jun 2005PanAmSat to deliver Chinese state TV to West Africa
06 Apr 2005Mexican broadband on PAS-1R
22 Feb 2005ViaSat receives order for consumer broadband satellite system
13 Sep 2004Insurers want compensation from Boeing for faulty solar arrays
03 Feb 2004PanAmSat results 2003
19 Dec 2003Insurers won't pay for PanAmSat satellites
15 Sep 2003Boeing may face US$1 billion in insurance claims WSJ
05 Aug 2003Three PanAmSat transponders for Pan American Games
25 Mar 2003PanAmSat receives authorisation to operate PAS-9 in Brazil
07 Mar 2003PanAmSat files insurance claims for Boeing 702 satellites
23 Oct 2002Anik F1: increased power loss could affect \"core services\"
14 Aug 2002PanAmSat admits problems with Galaxy XI, PAS-1R
09 Apr 2002Embratel VSAT services on PAS-1R
08 Oct 2001PAS-1R starts Brazil operations
01 Oct 2001Boeing 702s have problems with novel solar arrays
14 Sep 2001PanAmSat launches new bidirectional SPOTbytes service
14 Aug 2001Mexico grants four satellite licenses
11 Jul 2001PAS-1R licensed in Brazil
01 Jun 2001Verestar on PAS-1R
21 Feb 2001PAS 1R operational
17 Nov 2000More Records
17 Nov 2000Ariane 5 sets new world record
16 Nov 2000Delay of the day
07 Nov 2000PAS-1R pre-launch details
30 Oct 2000Europe*Star 1
16 Oct 2000AMSAT P3-D pre-launch details
16 Oct 2000Ariane schedule for the rest of the year
12 Oct 2000PAS-1R arrives at Europe's Space Port
09 Oct 2000Ariane flight 507
27 Sep 2000Arianespace announces V135/507 date
23 Aug 2000Sicral
22 Jun 2000PanAmSat updates launch schedule
01 Jun 2000Arianespace to resume launch campaign 25 July
20 Apr 2000Galaxy IVR launched
05 Apr 2000Galaxy IVR pre-launch details
26 Jan 2000New Ariane launch manifest
13 Jan 2000'European' launches in 2000
12 Dec 1999Galaxy XI arrives at Kourou
17 Aug 1999Arianespace signs three launch contracts
19 May 1999Seven Hughes satellites delayed
23 Dec 1998PAS-6B launched
13 Oct 1998PanAmSat: Changes and Expansion
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