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29 Oct 2015Intelsat S.A. results Q3 2015
01 Jun 2015BT extends capacity on three Intelsat satellites
02 Aug 2012Arianespace celebrates 50th launch success in a row
01 Aug 2012Intelsat 20/HYLAS 2 pre-launch details
20 Jul 2012HYLAS 2/Intelsat 20 launch preparations on track
12 Mar 2012Marlink renews and expands contract with TSBc
16 Jun 2011Intelsat to spend US$1.3 billion for next four satellites
17 Nov 2010Intelsat extends contract with Viewsat
26 Oct 2010Intelsat 17 shipped to Kourou
05 Aug 2010Arianespace to launch GSAT 10, Intelsat 20
10 Nov 2009Gilat Satcom, MYtv book Intelsat capacity
11 Sep 2009MultiChoice secures pre-launch satellite capacity on Intelsat 20
18 Jun 2009Intelsat orders two more satellites from SS/L
11 Jun 2009Intelsat reveals some details on planned satellites
24 Mar 2009MTN Satellite Services contracts for Intelsat capacity
12 Jun 2008Intelsat renews China Central Television contract for U.S. DTH services
10 Apr 2008News in brief
05 Sep 2007Intelsat capacity for RRSat, GlobeCast
05 Mar 2007New regional platforms on Intelsat
19 Dec 2006Australia Network renews contract with Intelsat
01 Dec 2006CCTV renews contract for PAS capacity
29 Mar 2006ASECNA expands contract with Intelsat
22 Mar 2006African pay-TV on PAS-10
14 Feb 2006U.S. soldiers phone home via PAS 10
29 Nov 2005CNBC Pakistan on PanAmSat
09 Jun 2005PanAmSat to deliver Chinese state TV to West Africa
11 Apr 2005China Radio International on three PanAmSats
22 Oct 2004Telenor sells Intelsat stake
28 Jun 2004Intelsat 10-02 almost reaches geostationary orbit
17 Jun 2004Proton lofts Mega-Intelsat
15 Jun 2004PanAmSat extends network with the help of ST Teleport
15 Jun 2004Delta II, Proton M delayed
11 Jun 2004Correction: Intelsat 10-02 pre-launch details
10 Jun 2004Intelsat 10-02 pre-launch details
21 May 2004Next Proton, Dnepr launch dates
11 May 2004Intelsat buys Atlas launch from ILS
21 Jan 2003Intelsat to use Sea Launch for future spacecraft
07 Dec 2002Intelsat lays off 138
29 Nov 2002Intelsat cancels Astrium contract
30 Jul 2002EWTN on PAS-10
05 Mar 2002PanAmSat, TARBS in multi-transponder agreement
15 Jan 2002Intelsat books Zenit 3SL, Proton for new satellites
16 Oct 2001PanAmSat results 3Q 2001
14 Sep 2001Satellite operator PanAmSat adds fibre capacity
07 Aug 2001PAS-10 operational
22 Jun 2001News in brief
16 May 2001PAS 10
14 May 2001PAS-10 pre-launch details
09 May 2001Russian launch schedule
23 Apr 2001PanAmSat 10 in Baikonur
21 Feb 2001PanAmSat updates launch schedule (again)
29 Jan 2001Russian Launch Manifest
20 Nov 2000Baikonur launch manifest 2001
22 Sep 2000Telenor buys part of Intelsat 10-02 capacity
13 Jul 2000PanAmSat wants new slot for Australia
30 Jun 2000Seven Ka-band licenses scrapped
22 Jun 2000PanAmSat updates launch schedule
05 Apr 2000Galaxy IVR pre-launch details
12 Dec 1999Galaxy XI arrives at Kourou
19 May 1999Seven Hughes satellites delayed
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