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07 Jun 2016NASA's CloudSat/CALIPSO satellites celebrate 10 years on orbit
04 Jan 2013VNREDSat-1A launch contract signed
22 Feb 2011Glory pre-launch details
04 Jan 2010PARASOL has left the \"A-Train\"
30 Apr 2007CloudSat celebrates one year in orbit
25 Jul 2006CloudSat, CALIPSO checked out
14 Apr 2006Calipso pre-launch details
15 Sep 2005Two satellites to examine clouds
19 May 2005CALIPSO leaves Cannes
18 Dec 2004New French spy satellite orbited by Ariane 5G
16 Dec 2004Ariane 5G+ enters its final preparation phase for launch
07 Dec 2004New date for Ariane Flight 165 set
26 Nov 2004Nanosat, Parasol, Essaim pre-launch details (II)
25 Nov 2004Ariane Flight 164/165 launch dates swapped
05 Nov 2004Parasol, Essaim pre-launch details
03 Nov 2004Ariane 5 completes initial integration
18 Oct 2004Helios II launch next December
01 Apr 2004Two French microsats prepare for launch
29 Mar 2004CALIPSO instruments tested, shipped
26 Jun 2003CNES and NASA sign CALIPSO Memorandum of Understanding
16 Jan 1998Modern Times
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