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27 Jul 2017Iran launches Simorgh rocket
19 Jul 2017Russia to start manufacturing medium-class Proton 5
15 Jun 2017China launches X-ray telescope after long delay
29 Nov 2016Russia's super-heavy rocket project on the backburner again
15 Jul 2016NASA's next Mars Rover progresses toward 2020 launch
15 Jun 2016First Iridium NEXT satellites ready for shipment
09 Nov 2015Another Yaogan satellite launched by China
27 Aug 2015China launches Yaogan-27 remote sensing satellite
28 Jul 2015NASA Mars orbiter preparing for Mars lander's 2016 arrival
24 Jun 2015MDA continues development of solution to deliver payloads to GEO
09 Jan 2015Boeing completes all-electric propulsion satellites
28 Dec 2014Last Chinese spy satellite launch of 2014?
09 Dec 2014Spaceflight to deploy DARPA Phoenix eXCITe Spacecraft
11 Nov 2014Phoenix releases POD interface requirements
10 Sep 2014Boeing receives first order for 502 Phoenix small satellite
08 Sep 2014China launches new Yaogan satellite
03 Sep 2014DARPA interested in PPP for space robotics in GEO
31 Jul 2014NASA announces Mars 2020 Rover payload
24 Jun 2014ATK to provide UltraFlex solar arrays for Mars InSight
20 May 2014NASA 2016 Mars mission to begin building spacecraft
01 May 2014ATK completes validation of MegaFlex solar array
03 Apr 2014DARPA's Phoenix programme moves to Phase 2
25 Mar 2014DARPA Moves Forward With Phoenix, ALASA and XS-1 Projects
21 Jan 2014ATK demonstrates high-power MegaFlex solar array for NASA
10 Dec 2013Private Mars mission presented
21 Nov 2013MDA to continue work for DARPA's Phoenix
04 Nov 2013SSL awarded follow-on DARPA contract
09 Apr 2013Boeing introduces Phantom Phoenix small satellites
15 Mar 2013Aerojet requalifies Delta II AJ10-118K second stage engine
22 Jan 2013DARPA unveils robotic plan to reuse, recycle satellites in 2015
25 Dec 2012Iranian satellite plans
23 Oct 2012ATK selected to develop MegaFlex solar array structure
19 Oct 2012MDA in satellite servicing demonstration for U.S. Government
30 Aug 2012DARPA: how to catch a retired, tumbling satellite
21 Aug 2012Darpa-Led Team Set To Demo Satellite Reuse
21 Aug 2012NAAS selects InSight as next Discovery Program mission
13 Aug 2012DARPA selects Aurora for Phoenix programme
30 Jul 2012Altius Space Machines signs contract for DARPA Phoenix Technologies Program
30 Jul 2012ATK extends range of satellite buses
26 Jul 2012Honeybee Robotics selected for DARPA Phoenix Program
25 Jul 2012Space Systems/Loral to support DARPA on hosted payload concept
25 Jul 2012ATK selected to provide key components for DARPA Phoenix programme
25 Jul 2012NASA Mars Orbiter repositioned to phone home Mars landing
19 Jul 2012Altius, MDA and SS/L Among Winners in DARPA ZombieSat Project
06 Jul 2012DARPA's Phoenix -- Satellites Will Need a Donor Card
27 Jun 2012Pentagon's Zombie Satellite Program Comes to Life
17 Jan 2012DARPA's Galileo to image objects in geosynchronous orbit faster
30 Nov 2011ATK awarded UltraFlex solar array contract from Orbital
20 Oct 2011DARPA Wants to Recycle Space Junk Into New Satellites
27 Jun 2011Despite high-profile satellite failure, diverse contracts position Orbital's Valley factories for growth
10 Dec 2010Odyssey orbiter nears Martian longevity record
06 Oct 2010NASA's MAVEN mission to Mars passes confirmation review
24 May 2010Silent Phoenix Mars Lander likely damaged during winter
17 May 2010Final attempts to hear from Mars Phoenix
14 Apr 2010Third series of Phoenix listening attempts without results
24 Feb 2010No sign of life from Phoenix Mars Lander
21 Jan 2010Phoenix Mars lander stays silent (as expected)
12 Jan 2010NASA to check for unlikely winter survival of Mars lander
10 Dec 2009There's hope that Lockheed Martin's Mars lander Phoenix might spring back to life
01 Dec 2009Mars Odyssey in safe mode again
06 Feb 2009New U.S. weather satellite successfully launched
02 Dec 2008NASA finishes listening for Phoenix Mars lander
11 Nov 2008Phoenix Mars Lander Dies
11 Nov 2008Phoenix mission ends as lander enters deep freeze
11 Nov 2008NASA bids farewell to Phoenix lander
10 Nov 2008Phoenix finishes mission, falls silent
14 Oct 2008NASA's Mars Odyssey shifting orbit for extended mission
10 Oct 2008NASA and ATK successfully deploy solar array for ST8 programme
17 Sep 2008Mars lander again gets extension to conduct research
16 Sep 2008NASA selects mission to study Mars atmosphere
01 Aug 2008NASA giving Phoenix craft more time to work on Mars
24 Jul 2008Mars Lander Team Applies for Mission Extension
21 Jul 2008Canadian weather station on Mars running smoothly, scientists say
03 Jul 2008NASA Fast-Tracks Martian Ice Test
03 Jul 2008Next Phoenix bake could be last
05 Jun 2008Another communications glitch in Mars orbit
04 Jun 2008Lander keeps digging Mars dirt
30 May 2008Phoenix Arm Successfully Un-stowed
29 May 2008Mars lander begins to deploy crucial robotic arm
28 May 2008Radio glitch delays Phoenix schedule by one day
27 May 2008Glitch could delay preparations for digging on Mars
26 May 2008Phoenix 'in great shape' after flawless touchdown on Mars
23 May 2008Weekend fun?
23 May 2008Phoenix healthy and on course, fine weather expected for landing
21 May 2008Canadian weather station on Mars to be opened soon
20 May 2008Mars Express mission controllers ready for NASA Phoenix landing
19 May 2008'7 minutes of terror' over Mars
14 May 2008Mars probe set for nail-biting touchdown
12 May 2008NASA to skip Phoenix trajectory manoeuvre
11 Apr 2008NASA spacecraft fine tunes course for Mars landing
07 Sep 2007Mars-bound Phoenix lander checks out gear
28 Aug 2007Mars gets wet, thanks to SpaceDev
06 Aug 2007NASA keeps its dirty little secrets on Earth
06 Aug 2007MDA leaves Earth orbit
04 Aug 2007Phoenix on its way to Mars
03 Aug 2007Phoenix spacecraft headed to Mars to probe the water
01 Aug 2007ESA's MEX to relay Phoenix data
31 Jul 2007Launch updates
09 Jul 2007NASA's Dawn mission rescheduled for September launch
20 Jun 2007Engineers Eye Potential Mars Lander Problems
07 Jun 2007Astrotech prepares four satellites
18 May 2007Project is Fraught With Danger - but Could Be a Scientific Bonanza
08 May 2007Mars Lander lands in Florida
02 Apr 2007ESA, NASA to co-operate on satellite tracking, navigation
26 Mar 2007Lawyers, insurance, and money: the business challenges of NewSpace
01 Feb 2007Phoenix Mars lander survives cancellation review
17 Jan 2007NASA's Mars Budget Now Stable But Tight, Official Says
17 Jan 2007Mission to Red Planet needs more green to stay on track
10 Jan 2007Phoenix Lander Over Budget Following Radar Problems
20 Nov 2006Electra chats with Mars Rover
17 Oct 2006MRO's instruments 'working perfectly' during testing week
14 Jun 2006New software to optimize trade study analyses
24 Apr 2006ASI delivers robotic arm for NASA's Mars Phoenix
18 Nov 2005MDA Robotics building high-tech equipment for Mars lander
27 Oct 2005Final contribution for Canada's weather station on Mars
31 Aug 2005Phoenix Mars Lander: Strong Arming The Red Planet
02 Aug 2005Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter pre-launch details II -- HiRISE
20 Jul 2005MDA to continue work on Martian weather station
06 Jun 2005Update: NASA's Phoenix Mars mission begins launch preparations
03 Jun 2005NASA's Phoenix Mars mission begins launch preparations
02 Jun 2005UA gets go-ahead to help in search for life on Mars
02 Jun 2005UA gets go-ahead to run Mars mission
09 May 2005XTAR-EUR successfully tested
05 May 2005Alliance Spacesystems to build robotic arm for Phoenix Mars mission
22 Apr 2005Russian company to participate in Phoenix-2 tests
26 Aug 2004NASA extends Mars Odyssey mission
11 May 2004Europe's space shuttle passes early test
11 May 2004Europe space shuttle passes first test
10 May 2004EADS Phoenix completes first glide test
07 May 2004Launch of EADS Phoenix delayed
25 Mar 2004Spectrum Astro on schedule with satellite project
11 Mar 2004Phoenix completes taxi tests, flight testing next
25 Nov 2003Canada pushes ahead with Mars weather station
20 Nov 2003MDA to supply Martian weather station
24 Sep 2003Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter progressing
15 Sep 2003L-3 Communications awarded US$24 million U.S. Army Block 1 Phoenix programme
05 Aug 2003Update - YAMM (Yet Another Mars Mission): Phoenix
04 Aug 2003YAMM (Yet Another Mars Mission): Phoenix
10 Jan 2003International channels on China's Sinosat platform
08 Jan 2003Next-generation solar cells may bring 'complete paradigm shift'
17 Dec 2002Pioneer 10 still alive
07 Dec 2002Four candidates for \"Scout\" Mars mission
27 Jun 2002Phoenix TV to extend broadcasting hours
25 Jun 2002Prototype \"space hopper\" ready for testing
21 Jun 2002Europe's Phoenix: Test Craft Sets Stage For Reusable Rocketry
17 Jun 2002Software to keep launch vehicles healthy
27 Mar 2002Sirius loss widens, rollout ahead of schedule
28 Jan 2002ASU students build satellites for NASA space shuttle
16 Jan 2002Chinese platform for foreign broadcasters delayed
23 Nov 2001Phoenix: Taiwan application still on track
16 Nov 2001Phoenix to stay out of Taiwan
14 Nov 2001Sirius Satellite Radio announces service launch date
08 Nov 2001Phoenix says new channels drove Q1 operating loss
05 Nov 2001Foreign channels to be forced onto Chinese platform by 2002
01 Nov 2001Chinese channels targeting overseas markets
19 Oct 2001Phoenix officially licensed in Guangdong
27 Aug 2001Spectrum Astro jousts with TRW for missile bid
31 Jul 2001China to concentrate foreign channels
06 Apr 2001Astrium starts working on Phoenix
28 Jan 2000Phoenix to manufacture Tracsat equipment
12 Jul 1999Chinese TV in Europe
07 May 1999China cracks down on illegal cable TV
06 May 1999Dish ban in China still in effect
25 Feb 1999EU Commission approves public theme channels
27 May 1998Changes at Hong Kong's ATV
19 Sep 1997Always read your license
03 Apr 1997PHOENIX II
03 Apr 1997PHOENIX I
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