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23 Jan 2017eROSITA X-ray telescope travels to Russia for launch in 2018
30 Jun 2016Dawn Completes Primary Mission
16 Mar 2016SENER and Thales Alenia Space sign collaboration agreement
22 Dec 2015Delay of the day: InSight
11 Sep 2015Understanding Philae's wake-up: behind the scenes with the Philae team
06 Sep 2015Herschel and Planck honoured with Space Systems Award
02 Apr 2015SENER selected as prime contractor for Euclid AOCS system
06 Mar 2015Dawn enters orbit around Ceres
02 Mar 2015Dawn nears arrival at dwarf planet Ceres
01 Oct 2014Thales Alenia Space received \"Gold Medal\" at IPMA Awards
20 Jan 2014Rosetta comes alive after hibernation
27 Dec 2013Spektr-RG instrument to be redesigned; launch delayed to 2015
23 Oct 2013Planck switched off
21 Oct 2013Planck on course for safe retirement
27 Jun 2013Thales Alenia Space wins Euclid prime contract
21 Jun 2013ESA science missions continue in overtime
29 Apr 2013Herschel finishes scientific mission
18 Dec 2012ESA inaugurates Deep Space 3 Ground Station at MalargŁe
02 Nov 2012ESA's Deep Space Antenna 3 readies for operation
30 Aug 2012NASA's Dawn prepares for trip to dwarf planet Ceres
18 Jan 2012Planck's HFI completes its survey of early Universe
14 Dec 2011Astrium wins contract for fibre Optic Gyro to fly on JPSS-1
18 Jul 2011Dawn enters orbit around asteroid Vesta
23 Jun 2011Dawn to go into orbit around Vesta next month
03 May 2011Dawn approaches Vesta
22 Nov 2010ESA extends 11 space science missions
29 Jan 2010Northrop Grumman provides microelectronics for Herschel, Planck
16 Nov 2009Estonia to co-operate with ESA
06 Oct 2009Astrium signs major contract with Kazakhstan
03 Jul 2009Coolest spacecraft ever in orbit around L2
05 Jun 2009Planck starts manoeuvre aimed at L2 arrival
21 May 2009Herschel and Planck commissioning has begun
19 May 2009ESA's Herschel saves bandwidth with GMSK modulation
14 May 2009Ariane successfully launches Herschel and Planck
12 May 2009Ariane 5's dual-payload space science mission is cleared for launch
11 May 2009Integration of Ariane 5 completed for Herschel/Planck mission
05 May 2009Herschel and Planck integrated with launcher
04 May 2009Separation shock 'no longer an issue' for Ariane 5
28 Apr 2009Herschel and Planck to lift off on 14 May
24 Apr 2009Herschel & Planck pre-launch details
20 Apr 2009Delay of the day: Ariane 5, Herschel, Planck
09 Apr 2009Herschel and Planck to lift off on 6 May
02 Apr 2009Delay of the day: Herschel and Planck
13 Mar 2009Herschel and Planck launch postponed
10 Mar 2009Third Ariane 5 for launch in 2009 delivered to French Guiana
20 Feb 2009Preparations continue for dual launch of science satellites
17 Feb 2009Herschel being processed for next Ariane 5 launch
12 Feb 2009First Ariane 5 launch in 2009 successful
09 Feb 2009Herschel and Planck ready to move to launch site
07 Jan 2009Le Gall sees trend towards smaller satellites
05 Jan 2009Launches with ESA participation in 2009
18 Nov 2008Planck Satellite Mission Set to Explore Cosmic Secrets
25 Sep 2008European instruments to get a ride on India's Chandrayaan-1
26 May 2008Phoenix 'in great shape' after flawless touchdown on Mars
12 May 2008NASA to skip Phoenix trajectory manoeuvre
07 Mar 2008Successful review for Jules Verne ATV launcher
03 Jan 2008Launches with ESA participation in 2008
15 Nov 2007ATK wins services contract with Jet Propulsion Laboratory
04 Aug 2007Phoenix on its way to Mars
26 Jun 2007ESA, Estonia to co-operate
04 May 2007Poland becomes fourth ESA European Cooperating State
07 Dec 2006Herschel 'service module' ready for final integration
16 Nov 2006Planck instrument integration about to begin
13 Oct 2006COM DEV delivers key instrument for Herschel
08 Aug 2006NASA's GLAST Burst Monitor set for spacecraft integration
09 May 2006Chandrayaan-1 payload complete
20 Apr 2006Still problems with Herschel
27 Feb 2006Romania becomes third ESA European Co-operating State
15 Dec 2005Herschel, Planck launch contract signed
07 Dec 2005Zeiss to provide optics for JWST
07 Jul 2005Saab Ericsson Space delivers Herschel, Planck computer units
27 Jun 2005Three European instruments for Chandrayaan-1
11 Jan 2005SwRI instrument selected for next Mars rover
12 Nov 2004Orbital Recovery completes funding
29 Jul 2004ESA awards prime contract for instrument on board JWST
07 Nov 2003Two out of three
07 Nov 2003ESA scraps planet finder and Mercury lander
05 Nov 2003Rosetta lander modified for new target comet
14 Jul 2003Actel FPGAs for Herschel and Planck
17 Oct 2002Integral launched by Proton-K
27 Jun 2002Solar cells improve, ESA says
27 May 2002ESA's \"Cosmic Vision\" without Venus Express
16 Apr 2002Saab Ericsson to deliver computers for Herschel, Planck
09 Aug 2001ESA's EMITS system open to external users
03 Jul 2001MAP blazes the way for Planck, ESAs probe into the birth of the Universe
25 Jun 2001Alcatel wins ESA contract for Herschel, Planck
09 Dec 1997Ariane Flight 103
30 Nov 1997Ariane flight 103 on schedule
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