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17 May 2017CGWIC to build Palapa-N1
24 Oct 2013Avionics 4000 marks 100 years in orbit
21 Dec 2009Foreign objects blamed on partial Chang Zheng failure
30 Nov 2009Aon expects satellite operators to benefit from insurer profitability in 2010
17 Nov 2009Palapa-D operational at final location; more than 10 years left
14 Sep 2009Update: Palapa-D rescue manoeuvre completed
09 Sep 2009Palapa-D rescue manoeuvre completed
03 Sep 2009Palapa D rescue has begun; questions remain
02 Sep 2009Rescue plan for Palapa D to be implemented
01 Sep 2009I don't wanna spoil the party
01 Sep 2009Update: Palapa D in useless orbit after failure of Chinese launcher
31 Aug 2009Palapa D in useless orbit after failure of Chinese launcher
17 Aug 2009Indosat inaugurates Earth station for new Palapa satellite
04 Dec 2008US firms tired of being shut out
22 Jan 2008Thales Alenia Space sums up 2007 developments
03 Dec 2007Indosat secures loans for Palapa-D
29 Jun 2007Indosat orders Palapa-D from TAS
29 Jan 2007PT Indosat plans Palapa D
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