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24 Nov 2016Two-year extensions confirmed for ESA's science missions
05 Nov 2015ESA to expand portfolio of space weather products
20 Nov 2014Ten space science missions extended by ESA
03 Nov 2014Proba 2: five years in space
14 May 2012'Eye operation' puts Proba-1 back in business
27 Apr 2012Astrium wins 300 million Solar Orbiter contract from ESA
09 Feb 2012ESA contracts Eurockot for two Sentinel launches
25 Aug 2011Proba-2 fuel tank refilled from 'solid gas'
27 Jul 2011First international order for PROBA-based satellite
22 Nov 2010ESA extends 11 space science missions
02 Jun 2010Rokot successfully launches Japan's SERVIS-2
26 Jan 2010Proba-2 comes alive
19 Nov 2009SMOS instrument switched on
11 Nov 2009Proba-2 healthy after launch
02 Nov 2009Russian rocket launches two European science probes
19 Oct 2009SMOS and Proba-2 mated with Rokot upper stage
06 Oct 2009SMOS, Proba-2 launch campaign progresses
16 Sep 2009SMOS flown to launch site
07 Sep 2009Proba-2 arrives at Plesetsk
01 Sep 2009SMOS team gears up for launch of ESA's water mission
06 Jul 2009Proba-2 will start journey to Russia soon
06 Jul 2009Three new Russian military satellites in orbit
22 Jun 2009SMOS and Proba-2 launch rescheduled for November
27 Apr 2009SMOS launch date set
17 Mar 2009Unique European gravity-measuring satellite launched
05 Mar 2009SERVIS-2 fit check with Rokot adapter system successfully performed
05 Jan 2009Launches with ESA participation in 2009
03 Jan 2008Launches with ESA participation in 2008
04 Jan 2007'European' launches 2007
28 Jul 2006Rokot successfully launches South Korea's KOMPSAT-2
30 May 2006Proba 2 preview
24 May 2006SOHO mission extended
22 Oct 2004Proba running itself for three years
24 Sep 2003Proba-2 under development
23 Oct 2002Proba mission extended by one year
28 Jun 2002PROBA 2 planned
27 Jun 2002Solar cells improve, ESA says
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