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30 Jul 2013SpaceX awarded launch reservation contract for Radarsat Constellation
09 May 2013Radarsat-1 failure permanent
09 Apr 2013Little hope for Radarsat-1 after anomaly
04 Nov 2010MDA signs contract for next phase of Radarsat Constellation Mission
25 Jun 2010MDA to update e-GEOS ground station for Radarsat-2 reception
27 May 2009Magellan Aerospace to build Radarsat Constellation buses
14 Nov 2008MDA to design Radarsat Constellation Mission
01 May 2008Radarsat-2 commissioned, ready for commercial operation
14 Dec 2007Canada's second radar satellite finally launched
10 Aug 2007Radarsat-2 finally ready, but launch delayed again
22 Aug 2006News in brief
20 Jun 2006News in brief
13 Mar 2006MDA to design Radarsat Earth observation constellation
04 Nov 2005Ten years and over two billion km for Radarsat-1
04 Oct 2005MDA wins contract for military satellite image work
03 Oct 2005Radarsat Int'l changes name
23 Sep 2005Calian awarded satellite-related contracts
01 Mar 2005Canada plans constellation of small radar satellites
04 Nov 2004Radarsat-1 begins tenth year of operation
28 Oct 2004Norway, U.S. to receive more satellite imagery from MDA
14 Oct 2004MDA secures Radarsat-2 pre-launch purchase commitments
31 Aug 2004MDA to commence work on study for Radarsat-2
22 Aug 2004MDA sees continued Radarsat-1 defence business
29 Mar 2004CSA awards 18 Radarsat-2 applications contracts
25 Mar 2004Two satellite-related contracts for Calian's Systems Engineering Division
16 Mar 2004MDA extends the supply of satellite data to three customers
07 Jan 2004MDA signs four Radarsat-1 data agreement renewals
23 Sep 2003MDA to supply mobile Radarsat ground station
21 Aug 2003MDA signs C$2.1 monitoring and mapping order
12 Jun 2003CSA awards 12 Earth observation application contracts
12 Mar 2003Norway, Canada to co-operate on Radarsat-2
30 Dec 2002Radarsat-1 working again
18 Dec 2002Radarsat-1 back-up momentum wheel fails
06 Nov 2002USAF to use Radarsat-1
05 Nov 2002Radarsat-1 enters eighth year in orbit
11 Jul 2002NIMA buys Radarsat-1 imaging
30 May 2002Orbimage receives Radarsat award
10 May 2002MDA to upgrade Asian ground station
29 Apr 2002MDA: two contracts for Radarsat-1, Envisat data
06 Nov 2001Radarsat 1 outlives expectations
23 Oct 2001MDA to resell QuickBird imagery
20 Aug 2001Astrium sells gyros business to Stork
06 Apr 2001Radarsat 1 in tighter orbit
23 Mar 2001Radarsat 1 off track to view Antarctica
23 Nov 2000European radar imaging to be sold by SARCOM
29 Jun 2000Canadian spy satellite on Boeing Delta II
10 Apr 2000OrbView-1 turns 5
24 Dec 1999Alenia gets Radarsat 2 contract
22 Feb 1999U.S. afraid of Canadian satellite
12 Nov 1998Canadian technology for Thai spy satellite
01 Mar 1998Canada plans Radarsat II
28 Feb 1998Canada plans Radarsat II
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