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Articles in our archive

02 Dec 2018Russia launches military comsats
10 Jul 2018Progress launch sets new record for express delivery to ISS
18 Feb 2018Progress MS-08 docks with ISS
13 Feb 2018Progress vessel on slow trip to the ISS
11 Feb 2018Delay of the day: Soyuz-2.1a/Progress MS-08
14 Jun 2017Soyuz launches Russian cargo vessel
04 Apr 2016RSC Energia: Progress MS-02 docked with the ISS
24 Sep 2015Rokot launches Rodnik satellites
22 Sep 2015Russia to launch Rodnik satellites on Rokot
23 May 2014Russia launches three military satellites
26 Dec 2013Rokot launches three military communication satellites
15 Jan 2013First space launch of 2013
01 Jan 2013Rokot launch rescheduled for 15 January
26 May 2008Update: Rokot launches several satellites
22 Dec 2005Update: Kosmos 3M lifts off after one-day delay
21 Dec 2005Kosmos 3M lifts off after one-day delay
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