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08 Jan 2019Maxar's RADARSAT-2 Loses Use of its Gyroscope and Loses WorldView-4 Satellite
21 Oct 2018Delay of the day: Radarsat Constellation
24 Sep 2018DigitalGlobe to create geospatial cloud analytics hub for DARPA
11 Sep 2018MDA to deliver SAR information for maritime surveillance
03 Feb 2017Radarsat-2 information supply contracts extended
15 Jul 2016EMSA expands use of Radarsat-2 information for maritime applications
20 Jun 2016MDA, Government of Canadian sign Polar Epsilon 2 contract
30 Mar 2016MDA to provide additional DigitalGlobe direct access ground stations
11 Dec 2015MDA to provide WorldView-4 direct access ground stations
08 Jul 2015MDA to provide Malaysia with Radarsat-2 ground station
26 Jun 2015MDA to operate Canada's ground station infrastructure
29 Apr 2015MDA continues provision of Radarsat-2 information to Copernicus
15 Apr 2014DigitalGlobe, MDA to offer combined optical & radar imagery
04 Mar 2014MDA provides Radarsat-2 information to support maritime surveillance
25 Feb 2014MDA extends provision of Radarsat information to customer
31 Oct 2013MDA increases provision of Radarsat-2 information and services
22 Oct 2013MDA increases provision of Radarsat-2 information in Europe
04 Sep 2013MDA orders Radarsat buses from Magellan
30 Jul 2013SpaceX awarded launch reservation contract for Radarsat Constellation
09 May 2013Radarsat-1 failure permanent
26 Apr 2013MDA to continue providing operational support to maritime surveillance system
09 Apr 2013Little hope for Radarsat-1 after anomaly
06 Feb 2013Soyuz launch completes Globalstar's new constellation
01 Nov 2012MDA to provide ground station solution for U.S. Air Force program
23 Jul 2012Radarsat-2 steps in for Envisat
11 Aug 2011More Radarsat 2 imagery for ESA
19 Jul 2011Workshop: pooled satellite data for maritime surveillance
01 Dec 2010MDA to provide USAF with software upgrade for RapidEye reception
04 Nov 2010MDA signs contract for next phase of Radarsat Constellation Mission
15 Oct 2010MDA, CLS sign two Radarsat contracts
25 Jun 2010MDA to update e-GEOS ground station for Radarsat-2 reception
28 Jul 2009MDA to provide Radarsat-2 imagery to ESA
26 Jun 2009MDA to provide maritime surveillance system using Radarsat-2
27 May 2009Magellan Aerospace to build Radarsat Constellation buses
31 Mar 2009Government of Canada announces location of Polar Epsilon ground stations
14 Nov 2008MDA to design Radarsat Constellation Mission
13 Nov 2008MDA signs major Radarsat-2 information solution
16 Sep 2008MDA customer upgrades to Radarsat-2
02 May 2008MDA deal on life support
01 May 2008MacDonald Dettwiler tries to salvage deal
01 May 2008Radarsat-2 commissioned, ready for commercial operation
10 Apr 2008Canada blocks sale of MDA units to ATK
20 Mar 2008Decision on MDA sale to ATK delayed 30 days
22 Jan 2008Thales Alenia Space sums up 2007 developments
10 Jan 2008The Radarsat 2 effect
23 Dec 2007Update: Last Ariane launch in 2007 successful
14 Dec 2007Canada's second radar satellite finally launched
13 Dec 2007'We are go' on RadarSat-2 launch: Canadian Space Agency
02 Nov 2007Five more Baikonur launches planned this year
26 Oct 2007Radarsat-2 to protect Arctic sovereignty: Prentice
10 Oct 2007Soyuz TMA-11 successfully launched
14 Sep 2007Russian return satellite launched aboard Soyuz-U
10 Aug 2007Radarsat-2 finally ready, but launch delayed again
11 Jul 2007USAF, MDA to conduct assessment of Radarsat-2 capabilities
19 Jun 2007MDA enters into research agreement with NGA
04 Jun 2007MDA to support Arctic surveillance
24 May 2007NRC aerospace test helps qualify Radarsat-2 for Launch
21 May 2007Telesat to operate Radarsat-2 for MDA
18 May 2007Telesat to operate Radarsat-2 for MDA
11 May 2007U.S. Military Prepares For Radarsat-2 Imagery
09 Apr 2007Soyuz TMA-10 launched, docked with ISS
29 Jun 2006Launch updates
13 Mar 2006MDA to design Radarsat Earth observation constellation
27 Jan 2006MDA to detect moving objects using Radarsat 2
10 Jan 2006MDA switches from Delta II to Soyuz
03 Oct 2005Radarsat Int'l changes name
01 Mar 2005Canada plans constellation of small radar satellites
28 Oct 2004Norway, U.S. to receive more satellite imagery from MDA
14 Oct 2004MDA secures Radarsat-2 pre-launch purchase commitments
31 Aug 2004MDA to commence work on study for Radarsat-2
23 Jun 2004U.S. Air Force to test Radarsat-2 information provision
15 Apr 2004MDA awarded Radarsat-2 ground station contract
31 Mar 2004Local firms take $1.1M in space agency contracts
29 Mar 2004CSA awards 18 Radarsat-2 applications contracts
27 Nov 2003Astrium continues development of advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar
15 Sep 2003Orbimage reaches settlement agreement with MDA
14 Apr 2003MDA awarded space mission feasibility study
12 Mar 2003Norway, Canada to co-operate on Radarsat-2
29 Jan 2003Norway buys Radarsat-2 data from MDA
04 Dec 2002Canadian space agency in financial trouble
05 Nov 2002Radarsat-1 enters eighth year in orbit
17 Oct 2002MDA to build satellite acquisition and data control systems for Canada
10 Jun 2002Radarsat-2 completes Mission Critical Design Review
30 May 2002Orbimage receives Radarsat award
09 May 2002Radarsat-2 ground segment passes CDR
24 Apr 2002MDA results 1Q 2002
05 Apr 2002Radarsat-2 payload passes Critical Design Review
14 Feb 2002Radarsat tandem to go 3D?
08 Jan 2002Radarsat bus passes Critical Design Review
22 Jun 2001Radarsat contracts for MacDonald Dettwiler
23 Feb 2001Radarsat 3 feasibility study
16 Feb 2001Orbimage wants restructuring of obligations
29 Jun 2000Canadian spy satellite on Boeing Delta II
24 Dec 1999Alenia gets Radarsat 2 contract
11 Jun 1999Canada's shutter control
23 Feb 1999Radarsat-2
22 Feb 1999U.S. afraid of Canadian satellite
29 Jan 1999Radarsat, Space Imaging
14 Jan 1999Orbimage to market Radarsat-2 imagery
21 Dec 1998Commercial spy satellite
12 Nov 1998Canadian technology for Thai spy satellite
01 Mar 1998Canada plans Radarsat II
28 Feb 1998Canada plans Radarsat II
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