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Articles in our archive

12 Nov 2013Proton launches military comsat
11 Mar 2011Update: Raduga 1-7 - the latest zombie satellite?
10 Mar 2011Raduga 1-7 - the latest zombie satellite?
16 Apr 2010Russia launches new military satellite
28 Jan 2010Russia launches military communication satellite
05 Oct 2009ABS, GTSS in multi-transponder deal
02 Mar 2009Russia launches new Raduga military satellite
11 Dec 2007NPO PM confirms recent Raduga launch
09 Dec 2007Russia launches new milcomsat
10 Jun 2004Fourth Zenit 2 launch attempt successful
30 Mar 2004Update: Russian military satellite reaches orbit
26 Nov 2002Proton K/Block D history and statistics
08 Oct 2001Raduga-1/Globus
06 Nov 2000Briz-M delays Proton launch
30 Aug 2000Kosmos 2371 (Raduga/Globus)
28 Aug 2000Delayed: Raduga
08 Jul 1999Proton crash: second stage fails
07 Jul 1999Chaos reigns after Proton failure
06 Jul 1999Briz-M fails
05 Jul 1999Proton/Briz-M launch delayed
18 May 1999Proton launch on 12 June
07 May 1999Raduga launch delayed
01 Mar 1999Russia Replaces Raduga
15 Dec 1998Russia's 1999 launch plan
14 Dec 1998Asiasat 3C gets \"free\" ride
16 Oct 1998Two more Proton launches this year
27 Dec 1997Asiasat 3: Scrap Metal
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