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Articles in our archive

20 Dec 2010Boeing to build three-satellite system for Government of Mexico
27 May 2005Optus B1 on backup SCP
12 Aug 2003Satmex files 'friendly suit' for Sol 1 loss
19 May 2003Five years ago: Galaxy IV failure causes pager turmoil
17 Jan 2003Mexico, Canada renegotiating satellite agreement
17 Jan 2003Satmex 6 modifications require additional testing
16 Jan 2003Delay of the day: Satmex 6
08 Jan 2003Satmex 6 on next Ariane 5 G, report
26 Nov 2002Eximbank, Coface loans for Satmex VI
31 May 2002Update: Satmex 6 launch contract signed
14 May 2002DirecTV 3 SCP fails, satellite to be mothballed
28 Oct 2001Satmex VI with Andean beam?
16 Aug 2001Satmex announces second quarter results
31 Jan 2001Two launches for Satmex
18 Jan 2001Satmex orders Satmex 6 from Loral
15 Dec 2000Satmex 6 to be launched 2003
06 Dec 2000Solidaridad replacement next year
27 Nov 2000'Tin whiskers' kill third satellite
10 Nov 2000Mexican satellite industry calls for deregulation
11 Oct 2000Two new birds for Satmex?
31 Aug 2000Solidaridad 1 declared dead
29 Aug 2000Solidaridad 1: Second SCP gone
14 Jun 2000ATC books another Sol1 transponder
24 Feb 2000Hughes Networks Systems takes ten Satmex 5 transponders
18 Feb 2000Satmex results
13 Jan 2000India, Jordan, Mexico, Argentina, USA
13 May 1999No punishment for Satmex
08 May 1999Updates
07 May 1999Solidaridad SCP fails
06 May 1999Solidaridad 1 still in trouble
01 May 1999Satellite failure causes chaos, reports
30 Apr 1999Quickies
30 Apr 1999Solidaridad suffers temporary outage
05 Feb 1999Satmex 5 ready
21 Apr 1998Loral Skynet to offer DSNG
16 Nov 1997Arianespace helps SatMex
24 Oct 1997SatMex to become international satellite player
05 Sep 1997Satmex bids accepted
08 Apr 1997Morelos, Solidaridad up for grabs
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