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22 Feb 201630th anniversary of Spot-1 launch
19 Jul 2013Astrium's satellites qualified by EU Commission within CAP framework
17 May 2013First picture from Proba-V
22 Apr 2013Proba-V, VNREDSat-1, ESTCube-1 pre-launch details
23 Jul 2012Astrium's SPOT 6 ready for launch campaign
19 Sep 2011Astrium signs new GMES contract with ESA
14 Sep 2010Astrium, ScanEx sign exclusive partnership for SPOT 6 & 7 imaging
30 Jun 2005SILEX : More than 1,000 successful optical links
16 Dec 2003Integral Systems remote sensing antenna on-line
19 Mar 2003Artemis starts relaying Envisat data
25 Dec 2002Artemis has only 700 km left
17 Jul 2002SPOT 5 operational
30 Apr 2002SPOT-5 pre-launch details
25 Feb 2002Envisat pre-launch details
06 Dec 2001Artemis receives picture from Spot 4
21 Nov 2001First laser inter-satellite link
16 Feb 2001Artemis on Ariane 5 this year
20 Sep 1999Arianespace reveals provisional launch manifest
24 Mar 1998Spot 4 and the Silex system
24 Mar 1998Spot 4 launched
04 Mar 1998GE-5 on Ariane
01 Mar 1998Eutelsat's fourth roast chicken
28 Feb 1998Eutelsat's fourth roast chicken
06 Jan 1998European space activities in 1998
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CelesTrakSPOT 4

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