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13 Feb 2018Eutelsat 16C satellite deorbited after 17 years and 10 months
20 Jun 2016TAS to supply payloads for Ekspress-80 and Ekspress-103
17 Apr 2015SESAT marks 15 years in orbit
27 Aug 2014Russia's RSCC and Eutelsat mark 20 years of co-operation
01 Dec 2011Eutelsat to rename (almost) entire satellite fleet
09 Nov 2011Eutelsat's W3C satellite in full commercial service
07 Oct 2011CGWIC launches satellite for Eutelsat
10 May 2011Eutelsat, RSCC plan new satellite for 36 degrees East
15 Mar 2011Ekspress AM22 capacity for Tachyon
29 Oct 2010Leak renders Eutelsat's just-launched W3B a total loss
04 Oct 2010Eutelsat W3B flown to Kourou
03 May 2010ISS-Reshetnev boasts new satellite platforms
29 Jan 2010Replacement satellites for W2 have arrived at 16 degrees East
28 Jan 2010Eutelsat W2 in safe mode; two replacement satellites en route
22 Jan 2010MultiChoice Africa leases 20 transponders on Eutelsat's W7
25 Nov 2009Russian, Kazakh space agencies clash over delayed W7 launch
24 Nov 2009Eutelsat W7 successfully launched after bureaucratic delay
18 Nov 2009Eutelsat W7 pre-launch details
07 Sep 2009Eutelsat moves W7 from Zenit to Proton
10 Feb 2009Eutelsat Communications results H1 FY2008/2009
23 Jan 2009Zombie satellite news in brief
30 Aug 2007Multichoice Africa takes new capacity on Eutelsat SESAT 1
17 Apr 2007EuroNews Mobile on Eutelsat SESAT 1
21 Dec 2006Eutelsat orders W7 from AAS
07 Mar 2006ViaSat provides Gulfsat with LinkStar network
19 Sep 2004Alcatel to provide two more Ekspress payloads
14 Sep 2004Telekom Austria, Eutelsat to provide 'high-end' IP solutions
18 Mar 2004Eutelsat takes 12 transponders on Ekspress AM22
14 Jan 2004Update: Ekspress payload shipped to prime contractor
29 Sep 2003CapRock to use SESAT capacity
26 Aug 2003Connexion by Boeing on SESAT
10 Mar 2003Frequency co-ordination for Paksat 1
23 Aug 2002Intersputnik to market Eutelsat capacity
14 Feb 2001Sri Lanka Telecom monitors Sesat
17 Jan 2001Russia to replace comsats by 2005
06 Nov 2000Three more Ekspress communications payloads from Alcatel Space
28 Jul 2000Vamos a la playa
13 Jul 2000Eutelsat with even more Russian capacity
30 Jun 2000Euteltracs expands
10 Jun 2000SESAT active, Eutelsat II-F3 moving
03 May 2000Eutelsat W4 pre-launch details
19 Apr 2000Proton lofts Eutelsat's Sesat
05 Apr 2000Sesat pre-launch details
25 Jan 2000News from Birdland
08 Jul 1999Proton crash: second stage fails
26 Mar 1999Proton plans
15 Dec 1998Russia's 1999 launch plan
27 Nov 1998Cui Bonum?
31 Jul 1998Eutelsat orders Ressat
07 Jul 1998Russia's Eutelsat stake to be raised
24 Mar 1998The great Russian satellite confusion
09 Nov 1997W4
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