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Articles in our archive

30 Jan 2014Sapphire satellite completes commissioning, transitioned into operations
11 Sep 2013ESA selects SSTL to design exoplanet satellite mission
25 Feb 2013India's PSLV launches seven satellites
15 Feb 2013SARAL to launch on 25 February
17 Oct 2011Did Canada punish Russia for 2008 Georgia invasion by moving satellite?
20 Jun 2011SSTL moves into new technical facility
29 Mar 2011MDA to operate Canada's Sapphire System
25 Jul 2008COM DEV to supply payload equipment for SAPPHIRE
01 Feb 2008SSTL wins role on Canadian satellite programme
05 Oct 2007MDA to spy space objects for Canada
10 May 2005Peregrine launches RS422 rad-hard transmitter/receiver duo
12 Jan 2005MDA awarded contract for Canadian space surveillance system
03 Oct 2004Genesis samples 'looking very, very good'
31 May 2004Canada to launch space spy in 2008--report
04 Dec 2001Genesis operational
16 Nov 2001Genesis reaches L1
01 Oct 2001PICOSat, PCSat, Sapphire, Starshine 3
13 Sep 2001Athena launch delayed two days
09 Aug 2001Genesis
13 Jul 2001Genesis pre-launch details
08 Dec 2000Kodiak Star pre-launch details
05 Apr 1999More satellite paranoia
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