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25 Jan 2013Orbital-built SORCE heliophysics science satellite celebrates ten years in orbit
20 Jul 2012Ball Aerospace's STPSat-3 to fly solar TIM instrument for NOAA
07 Jun 2012Pegasus rocket for NuSTAR launch arrives at Kwajalein Atoll
22 Feb 2011Glory pre-launch details
11 Jan 2011Glory Earth science satellite arrives at Vandenberg
08 Jul 2009Orbital to build new satellite to study X-ray polarisation
10 Nov 2008Orbital ships OCO satellite to Vandenberg
18 Jun 2008Gasp! LASP returns unspent money to NASA
14 May 2008Update: Key climate sensor restored to NPOESS
02 Oct 2007Update: NASA resuscitates NuSTAR
19 Feb 2004SORCE celebrates one year of operations
25 Aug 2003Launching Satellites Into Space From an Aircraft Has Special Challenges
28 Apr 2003Pegasus puts GALEX in orbit
27 Jan 2003Pegasus rocket successfully launches NASA's SORCE satellite
20 Jan 2003SORCE pre-launch details
19 Dec 2002Pegasus XL for SORCE launch arrives at KSC
15 Nov 2002UARS completes 11 years in space
31 Oct 2002SORCE arrives at KSC
05 Feb 2002HESSI
24 Dec 1999NASA orders two more Pegasus launches
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