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04 Sep 2013MDA orders Radarsat buses from Magellan
09 Jul 2008Magellan Aerospace delivers CASSIOPE small satellite bus to MDA
26 Jun 2007Main instrument for GOSAT delivered
23 Sep 2005Calian awarded satellite-related contracts
12 Jul 2005ABB wins space contract for NEC Toshiba Space Systems
05 Oct 2004Magellan Aerospace celebrates SCISAT-1 first anniversary
13 Aug 2003SCISAT-1 launched by Pegasus XL
11 Aug 2003SCISAT-1 pre-launch details
05 Aug 2003SCISAT launch set
30 Apr 2003Magellan delivers GyroWheel to Canadian Space Agency
27 Mar 2003CSA, ISRO sign memorandum of understanding
03 Sep 2002SciSat instrument tested on balloon
02 Jul 2002SCISAT-1 unveiled
08 Jun 2000Avtec to process SCISAT-1 telemetry
10 Mar 2000Canada announces SCISAT-1
24 Dec 1999NASA orders two more Pegasus launches
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