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21 Mar 2016Thales Alenia Space qualifies power supply unit for plasma thrusters
22 Jul 2014Snecma's PPS 1350-E plasma thruster sets world record
14 May 2012'Eye operation' puts Proba-1 back in business
15 Dec 2011First laser measurements of Europe's Galileo satellites made from Chile
20 Jun 2011OHB buys Space Systems Division from Swedish Space
18 May 2010Prisma pre-launch details
07 Sep 2009Chandrayaan-1: too hot to handle?
25 Sep 2008European instruments to get a ride on India's Chandrayaan-1
11 Jun 2007Saab Space antennas to take another trip to the moon
08 Sep 2006SMART-1 may have slammed into lunar mountainside
04 Sep 2006ESA's Moon mission ends successfully with a crash
31 Aug 2006Lunar probe ready to bite the dust
07 Aug 2006SMART-1 mission coming to an end
23 Jun 2006SMART-1 prepares for crash on Moon
04 Apr 2006ESA awards Don Quijote design study contracts
13 Feb 2006Shooting for the Moon, Once Again
31 Jan 2006SMART-1 crash in August
12 Jan 2006DLR to track SMART-1
04 Jan 2006'European' launches 2006
26 Sep 2005SMART-1 completes orbit re-boosts
15 Sep 2005SSC prime contractor for Prisma satellite project
24 Jun 2005ESA's Cebreros antenna marks major readiness milestone
31 Mar 2005Software problems affected SMART-1, Swift
21 Mar 2005ESA Council okays lunar co-operation with ISRO
16 Feb 2005SMART-1 mission extension approved
27 Jan 2005Moon mission reveals its first photos
19 Jan 2005SMART-1 takes a break before entering final orbit
26 Nov 2004Smart turbo codes
22 Nov 2004SMART-1 completes first orbit around the Moon
19 Nov 2004SMART-1's Ion Drive: From Fiction to Fact
18 Nov 2004Lunar leader no longer
16 Nov 2004SMART-1 enters lunar orbit
15 Nov 2004SMART-1 arrives at the Moon
15 Nov 2004Slowly but Cheaply, a New Way to the Moon
12 Nov 2004Probe arrives at Moon's gateway
12 Nov 2004European spacecraft prepares to orbit Moon
12 Nov 2004Orbital Recovery completes funding
11 Nov 2004ESA's lunar probe closes on target
29 Oct 2004SMART-1 completes correction manoeuvre
18 Oct 2004SMART-1: final thrust on way to Moon
27 Sep 2004SMART-1 celebrates its first year in space
24 May 2004SMART-1 reduces power after oscillations in propulsion system
29 Apr 2004SMART-1 electric propulsion works for more than 2,000 hours
24 Mar 2004Eclipse period ends for SMART-1
04 Feb 2004SMART-1 still seeing stars but fine otherwise
29 Jan 2004Stalling Moon probe to get new software
06 Jan 2004SMART-1 escapes worst radiation
25 Dec 2003SMART-1 software patch not working
19 Dec 2003SMART-1 flame-out problem fixed
04 Dec 2003SMART-1 is changing thrust strategy to avoid long eclipses
28 Nov 2003SMART-1 makes progress
27 Nov 2003More Solar Storms To Come?
19 Nov 2003SMART-1 operating flawlessly
11 Nov 2003ESA's well-behaved satellite
05 Nov 2003Radiation continues to hit SMART-1
29 Oct 2003SMART-1 feels effect of solar activity
21 Oct 2003SMART-1's star mapper causes 'inconvenience'
07 Oct 2003SMART-1 propulsion system works fine so far
01 Oct 2003SMART-1 ion engine fired successfully
28 Sep 2003Ariane 5G launches three satellites
26 Sep 2003Ariane, payload ready for Flight 162
25 Sep 2003Europe gets set for Moon mission
25 Sep 2003European Moon mission set for blast off
24 Sep 2003INSAT 3E, e-Bird, SMART-1 pre launch details
22 Sep 2003Chandrayan details released
19 Sep 2003It's almost there
19 Sep 2003Preparations for Ariane Flight 162 resume
29 Aug 2003Ariane flight 162 at the end of September
20 Aug 2003U.S. spy satellite launch delayed until early September
19 Aug 2003Europe to shoot for the moon
18 Aug 2003INSAT-3E tests longer than expected, launch delayed again
15 Aug 2003Update: Ariane Flight 162 delayed by INSAT problems
14 Aug 2003Launch updates: Delta IV, Ariane 5
12 Aug 2003Delays of the days: Delta IV, Ariane 5
21 Jul 2003Next Ariane launch comes closer
18 Jul 2003ESA to build a deep space ground station in Cebreros (Spain)
16 Jul 2003News in brief
10 Jul 2003SMART 1 cleared for August launch
12 Jun 2003Update: Ariane Flight 161
24 Apr 2003Fly me to the moon
04 Mar 2003Tentative launch date for SMART 1
07 Jan 2003ESA events in 2003
04 Sep 2002ESOC turns 35
06 Aug 2002Satellite to visit satellite
27 May 2002ESA's \"Cosmic Vision\" without Venus Express
12 Sep 2001Scientists to compare planned moon missions
14 Jul 2001Giant Dutch vibrators and 5000-G shock waves
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