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02 Jun 2010Rokot successfully launches Japan's SERVIS-2
27 May 2010Assembly of Rokot starts on launch pad
08 Feb 2010Launch of SERVIS-2 set for June
05 Mar 2009SERVIS-2 fit check with Rokot adapter system successfully performed
19 Feb 2007SERVIS-2 to be launched by Rokot
15 Dec 2003Eurockot to launch GOCE in 2006
30 Oct 2003Rokot places SERVIS-1 into orbit
29 Oct 2003Delay of the day: SERVIS-1
22 Aug 2003SERVIS-1 launch date postponed
21 Jul 2003SERVIS-1 launch in October 2003
02 Jul 2003SERVIS-1 launch date announced
30 Jun 2003Rokot's Mutiple Orbit Mission successful
16 May 2003Preparations for next Rokot launch underway
20 Jun 2002Iridium 97, 98
15 Feb 2002Grace launch comes closer
04 Dec 2001Two piggies for Rokot
02 Nov 2001Eurockot wins launch contract for Japanese satellite
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