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Articles in our archive

26 Oct 2016Orbital ATK to build Landsat 9
24 Mar 2015Orbital ATK selected to build next U.S. civilian weather satellites
25 Nov 2014Swift completes 10 years in orbit
24 Sep 2013SB-SAT terminal completes satellite communication link
29 Apr 2013Orbital selected by NASA to build Icon space weather satellite
24 Apr 2013Orbital selected by NASA for TESS astrophysics satellite
08 Mar 2013Inmarsat plc preliminary results 2012
24 Oct 2012Germany eyes swift purchase of EADS shares: document
13 Jul 2012NASA selects Space Launch System advanced booster proposals
21 Jun 2012SLS core stage moves from concept to design
21 Mar 2011Kizuna supports disaster recovery measures in Japan
08 Nov 2010Inmarsat results Q3 2010
09 Dec 2009Landsat Data Continuity Mission spacecraft passes critical design review
20 May 2009GAO-Predicted GPS Failure Could Have Drastic Consequences
20 May 2009Northrop Grumman wins terahertz contract
08 May 2009Inmarsat Holdings Limited results Q1 2009
17 Sep 2007Galileo's future more uncertain than ever
28 Aug 2007Swift back under control
14 Aug 2007Swift loses orientation, put in safe mode
14 May 2007Inmarsat Holdings Limited results Q1 2007
23 Nov 2006Design of Astrosat's X-ray camera finalised
15 Nov 2006Inmarsat Holdings Ltd. results Q3 2006
24 May 2006Leicester SRC collaborating with India on Astrosat
11 Jul 2005SwRI avionics guide Deep Impact
01 Jun 2005Update: Inmarsat's new bird to go live on 28 May
12 Apr 2005NASA Chief Nominee Pledges Fresh Look at Hubble and CEV
05 Apr 2005Swift ready for Universe's worst
31 Mar 2005Software problems affected SMART-1, Swift
01 Feb 2005Swift fully operational
13 Jan 2005Eumetsat to make satellite available for tsunami warning system
07 Jan 2005Swift mission sees its first gamma ray bursts
22 Nov 2004House Passes Private Spaceflight Bill
22 Nov 2004Spinning space probe to record the 'birth cries' of black holes
22 Nov 2004Swift blasts off on explosive mission
20 Nov 2004Swift finally launched aboard Delta II
18 Nov 2004Swift launch no earlier than Saturday
17 Nov 2004Los Alamos software key to new Swift satellite mission
17 Nov 2004Satellite parts manufactured in Butler County
17 Nov 2004NASA's swift launch delayed 24 hours
08 Nov 2004NASA schedules Swift spacecraft launch
06 Nov 2004GPS IIR-13 finally up
01 Nov 2004Swift pre-launch details
26 Oct 2004GPS 2-R13 has to wait even longer
22 Oct 2004Delay of the day: GPS 2R-13/Delta II
20 Oct 2004Swift ready to quickly record gamma-rays
10 Oct 2004New dates for four Cape Canaveral launches
23 Sep 2004New space telescope will watch powerful cosmic blasts
19 Sep 2004New launch date set for Swift
15 Sep 2004New launch date for next GPS satellite
31 Aug 2004EMS Technologies awarded C$3.5 Million SWIFT contract
29 Jul 2004Swift Satellite To Catch Mysterious Bursts From Deep In The Cosmos
29 Apr 2004Satellite Direct Plus makes dialling easier
05 Mar 2004Initial offers for PanAmSat submitted -- report
20 Feb 2004Spectrum Astro's new satellite manufacturing factory operational
14 Jan 2004Telenor offers more for U.S. government customers
11 Dec 2003Telenor Satellite Services introduces new direct dialling
28 Jul 2003Telenor offers Swift Mobile Packet Data Service for planes
26 Jun 2003Telenor completes initial testing of Swift MPDS
09 Jun 2003Spectrum Astro and OHB-System form alliance
21 Mar 2003THEMIS selected as next MIDEX mission
31 Jan 2003Spectrum Astro results FY 2002
28 Jun 2002Swift decision on TVB extension request unlikely
24 Apr 2002HSD-128 gets Inmarsat approval
22 Feb 2002Europe cannot rely on GPS forever, ESA director says
14 Feb 2002FCC urged to limit interference from radar detectors
03 Aug 2000Inmarsat tracks distressed yachts
02 Aug 2000Satellites to help produce movies
05 Jun 2000Compton de-orbited
21 Jan 1999First DBS license in Israel
27 Aug 1997No more soccer for you
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