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10 Jul 2018Private Chinese company plans rocket launch in 2020
31 Aug 2015X-ray astronomy satellite \"Suzaku\" completes scientific mission
10 Apr 2012ESA and JAXA sign Astro-H agreement
06 Aug 2009NASA GSFC to participate in GEMS mission
13 Feb 2008JAXA wins 2008 Jack Swigert Award for Space Exploration
13 Sep 2005Hayabusa Arrives at Asteroid Itokawa
09 Aug 2005Suzaku's X-ray Spectrometer won't stay cool
21 Jul 2005Suzaku reaches final orbit
12 Jul 2005Suzaku operating 'smoothly'
11 Jul 2005Sixth M-V launches Suzaku
07 Jul 2005Bad weather further delays Astro-E2 launch
06 Jul 2005Coldest ever space instrument set to fly
06 Jul 2005Delay of the day II: Astro-E2
30 Jun 2005Astro-E2 pre-launch details
18 May 2005Astro-E2 launch tentatively scheduled for June/July
21 Jul 2001Japan, U.S. plan Astro-E2
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