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01 Nov 2005Power problem shuts down SSETI Express
30 Oct 2005SSETI Express suffers power loss
28 Oct 2005SSETI Express in safe mode
27 Oct 2005Kosmos 3M launches eight satellites
26 Oct 2005Satellite to have virtual global ground station
26 Oct 2005European students await launch
20 Oct 2005Sinah-1 ready for launch
21 Sep 2005Students Prepare to Launch Home-made Satellite
19 Sep 2005Delay of the day II: Kosmos 3M cluster launch
13 Sep 2005SSETI for radio amateurs: free software, competitions
08 Sep 2005SSETI Express pre-launch details
25 Jul 2005Kosmos-3M launch reportedly delayed
13 Jul 2005SSETI Express sets off
20 Oct 2004Satellite built via Internet
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