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19 Mar 2014Astra 5B/Amazonas 4A pre-launch details
17 Nov 2011Two Astrium space systems head for Mars aboard Curiosity rover
07 Sep 2011Arianespace to launch Amazonas-3 for Hispasat
07 Apr 2009SWE-DISH satellite terminal approved for XTAR system operation
03 Feb 2009Arianespace to launch Hispasat 1E
08 Sep 2008It was Spainsat, not XTAR-EUR
07 Sep 2008Five years ago: the fall of NOAA-N Prime
13 Dec 2007Arianespace to launch Amazonas-2 for Hispasat
05 Nov 2007XTRA awarded GSA schedule contract
04 Jun 2007DRS demos communications capabilities with XTAR-LANT
15 Mar 2007Loral Space & Communications Inc. results 2006
04 Jan 2007HisdeSat to provide satcom services for Belgian military
24 Apr 2006XTAR begins commercial service on XTAR-LANT
13 Mar 2006Update: First Ariane launch in 2006 successful
11 Mar 2006First Ariane launch in 2006 successful
10 Mar 2006New launch date for Spainsat, Hotbird 7A
09 Mar 2006No go again for Ariane 5 ECA
02 Mar 2006AGS to market XTAR capacity to U.S. gov't
28 Feb 2006Spainsat/Hotbird 7A launch delayed more than a week
27 Feb 2006Still no new launch date for Spainsat, Hotbird 7A
24 Feb 2006Launch of Spainsat, Hotbird 7A delayed again
23 Feb 2006New launch date for Ariane 5 ECA confirmed
22 Feb 2006Arianespace to try again next Friday
21 Feb 2006Delay of the day: Ariane 5ECA/Hotbird 7A, Spainsat
18 Feb 2006Spainsat/Hotbird 7A pre-launch details
03 Feb 2006XTAR signs government communications services agreements
03 Feb 2006Both payloads for next Ariane flight undergoing processing
20 Jan 2006Eutelsat's Hotbird 7A shipped to launch site
17 Jan 2006XTAR-EUR to link Danish Navy
05 Jan 2006Small profit for Arianespace in 2005
22 Dec 2005Update: Ariane 5GS launches INSAT 4A, MSG 2
04 Apr 2005XTAR-EUR enters full commercial service
13 Feb 2005XTAR-EUR to be operational in Q2
17 Dec 2003SpainSat damaged in incident
08 Jul 2003Arianespace to purge order book, reports
27 Jun 2003EADS CASA Espacio delivers IRMA antenna for Spainsat
18 Dec 2002Integral to provide Spainsat control systems
11 Nov 2002Design of XTAR ground system completed
16 Sep 2002Spainsat to be launched on Ariane 5
31 Jul 2002How low can you go?
03 Jun 2002XTAR-EUR, SpainSat
14 Feb 2002Loral Space & Communications 4Q 2001 results
12 Dec 2001XTAR EUR, SpainSat contracts finalised
09 Aug 2001Loral profitable in 2005?
14 Jul 2001SS/L to build SpainSat, XTAR-EUR
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