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29 Jan 2018Sierra Nevada's STPSat-5 completes ground compatibility testing
30 Jun 2017ULA to launch U.S. Air Force STP-3 Mission
13 Feb 2017Orbital ATK awarded integration contract for STPSat-6
30 Sep 2016U.S. Air Force releases final STP-3 launch services RFP
08 Dec 2015Sierra Nevada completes critical design review of STPSat-5
05 Oct 2015Ball Aerospace completes integration milestone for GPIM
20 Aug 2015Sierra Nevada expands solar array design, test and production capability
15 Oct 2014GPIM mission to host three U.S. DoD space experiments
15 Oct 2014SNC awarded satellite contract by U.S. Department of Defense
10 Jan 2014Ball Aerospace hands over STPSat-3 operations to U.S. Air Force
20 Nov 2013Minotaur I launches 29 satellites
18 Nov 2013ORS-3 Set to launch a payload of innovation
15 Nov 2013Air Force Minotaur rocket launching from Virginia on 20 November
06 Sep 2013STPSat-3 built by Ball Aerospace arrives at Wallops Flight Facility
21 Jan 2013Ball Aerospace integrates final payload for STPSat-3
09 Aug 2012Spaceflight inks deal with USAF for Kestrel Eye 1 launch
20 Jul 2012Honeybee Robotics delivers FORMOSAT-5 solar array deployment mechanisms
20 Jul 2012Ball Aerospace's STPSat-3 to fly solar TIM instrument for NOAA
17 Jul 2012Ball Aerospace announces five payloads for STPSat-3 satellite
13 Apr 2012Ball Aerospace's STPSat-2 completes experimental mission
01 Jul 2011MMSOC extended to ORS-1
10 Jan 2011Multi-Mission Satellite Operations Center goes live
22 Nov 2010Experimental satellites launched by Minotaur IV
19 Nov 2010STP-S26 pre-launch details
17 Nov 2010Ball Aerospace's first standard interface vehicle set to launch
09 Nov 2010STPSat-1 team honoured by AIAA
02 Aug 2010Ball Aerospace ships STPSat-2 to Alaska
14 Oct 2009Ball Aerospace completes STPSat-2 pre-shipment review
08 Aug 2007STPSat-1 detects shuttle plume
05 Jul 2007Radyne to buy AeroAstro
04 Jun 2007AeroAstro completes PDR for STP-SIV spacecraft
17 Apr 2007STPSat-1 checked out in orbit
09 Mar 2007Atlas V launches six experimental military satellites
05 Mar 2007STP-1 pre-launch details
15 Feb 2007Delays of the day: STP-1, NigComSat
30 Nov 2006AeroAstro ships STSat-1
05 Jun 2006AeroAstro Returning to Space With Launch of STPSat-1 This Fall
10 May 2006AeroAstro completes STPSat-1 bus integration
04 Apr 2005Harris gets engineering service contract from Northrop
30 Apr 2004AeroAstro recognised with Virginia Vanguard Award
18 Jul 2002AeroAstro completes PDR of STPSat-1
19 Dec 2001Space Test Satellite contract for AeroAstro
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