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Articles in our archive

07 Nov 2016EchoStar XIX shipped to CCAFS
21 Feb 2014DISH Network, EchoStar results 2013
02 Jul 2012EchoStar XVII, MSG-3 pre-launch details
01 Feb 2012First Hughes Jupiter gateway commissioned
07 Mar 2011Hughes wins U.S. Air Force satellite study contract
09 Aug 2010Update: Inmarsat order of three Boeing satellites confirmed
25 Jan 2010HughesNet passes 500,000 subscriber mark
01 Dec 2009MDA to provide components for Jupiter 1 Internet satellite
24 Jun 2009Update: Sea Launch files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy
16 Jun 2009Hughes orders its first SS/L satellite
24 Apr 2009Sea Launch to pay HNS after launch contract termination
10 Nov 2008Hughes to study next-gen satellite networking for DISA
29 Sep 2008Boeing uses Spaceway 3 for TSAT review
10 Sep 2008Eutelsat, Hughes 'Satellite Operators of The Year'
06 Aug 2008Hughes announces fastest consumer satellite Internet access
17 Jun 2008Hughes claims to offer fastest consumer satellite Internet access plans ever
07 Apr 2008Spaceway 3 takes up commercial service
18 Dec 2007Spaceway 3 handed over to Hughes
15 Aug 2007Arianespace halfway through with 2007 launch manifest
10 Aug 2007Spaceway 3, BSAT-3A pre-launch details
16 Jul 2007Spaceway 3 completes trip to Kourou
01 May 2007NSR: satellite broadband experiences dynamic growth
30 Mar 2007Intelsat 11, Horizons 2 moved to Ariane 5
01 Mar 2007Spaceway 3 moved from Zenit 3-SL to Ariane 5
22 Aug 2006Boeing, Hughes test Spaceway broadband IP capabilities
14 Feb 2006NSR: satellite broadband enters 'new era'
08 Dec 2005Sea Launch gets Spaceway 3 launch contract
25 Apr 2005SkyTerra acquires 50 percent of HNS from DirecTV
06 Dec 2004SkyTerra to acquire 50 percent of HNS from DirecTV
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