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07 Sep 2009Chandrayaan-1: too hot to handle?
11 Jun 2009A smashing end for Japanese lunar orbiter mission
08 Jun 2009Japanese probe set to crash into moon
14 Apr 2008JAXA to give satellites urgent health checks
13 Feb 2008JAXA wins 2008 Jack Swigert Award for Space Exploration
26 Dec 2007Kaguya starts full operations despite problems
19 Nov 2007NEC satellite checks deemed insufficient
16 Nov 2007First images received from two Kaguya instruments
13 Nov 2007KAGUYA (SELENE) Image Taking of Earth-Rise by HDTV
07 Nov 2007NHK camera aboard Kaguya captures moon in high-res
29 Oct 2007China Hopes Chang'e Will Pave Way For Lunar Rover
22 Oct 2007Kaguya to start final in-orbit checkout
19 Oct 2007Kaguya almost in final orbit
12 Oct 2007Kaguya releases second sub-satellite
09 Oct 2007Kaguya deploys first sub-satellite
05 Oct 2007Kaguya now in orbit around the moon
17 Sep 2007Kaguya sails on to the moon
14 Sep 2007New moon race is on after successful Kaguya launch
13 Sep 2007Trio of Japanese spacecraft to study Moon's origin
11 Sep 2007Delay of the day: Kaguya
15 Aug 2007Kaguya launch officially rescheduled
30 Jul 2007Launch updates
20 Jul 2007Delay of the day: Kaguya
06 Jul 2007HD TV space camera to orbit the moon
13 Jun 2007Launch updates
12 Jun 2007Kawasaki delivers payload fairing for SELENE launch
11 Jun 2007Japanese moon probe has new nickname
24 Apr 2007Arianespace in launch services tie-up with Mitsubishi
13 Apr 2007Japanese moon satellite to be launched in August
15 Jan 2007Japan likely to scrap moon probe
30 Nov 2006JAXA will deliver your message to the Moon
16 Feb 2005SMART-1 mission extension approved
22 Dec 2003Japan postpones Selene
12 Sep 2001Scientists to compare planned moon missions
28 Jul 1997Cheaper satellites from Japan
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