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Recorded names for this satellite (32699)

STS 123


Articles in our archive

02 Jun 2008Space shuttle Discovery launches, docks with ISS
01 Apr 2008Next shuttle launch delayed
27 Mar 2008Space shuttle Endeavour lands on second attempt
25 Mar 2008Shuttle Endeavour to land tomorrow
19 Mar 2008Jules Verne ATV reaches 'parking' orbit
11 Mar 2008ATV propulsion problem fixed, manoeuvring started
11 Mar 2008Shuttle Endeavour lifts off
29 Feb 2008STS-123 launch date confirmed
11 Jan 2008NASA announces space shuttle launch targets
27 Jun 2007Canadian space manipulator arrives at KSC
17 Apr 2007NASA cuts number of 2007 shuttle missions
14 Mar 2007International Space Station module from Japan arrives at NASA
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