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Articles in our archive

17 Sep 2013KVH takes transponder on AMC-21
13 Apr 2010News in brief
14 Jan 2010Intelsat, SES World Skies provide capacity for relief efforts in Haiti
13 Feb 2009SES S.A. results 2008
19 Jan 2009Thales Alenia Space: From 'exceptional' to 'solid' in two years
12 Nov 2008Ciel II shipped to Baikonur
20 Oct 2008Mitsubishi Electric hands over Superbird-7 to SKY Perfect JSAT
10 Oct 2008Orbital says NSS 9 is ready
06 Oct 2008SES Americom initiates programming delivery on AMC-21
15 Aug 2008Superbird-7, AMC-21 launch results
14 Aug 2008Ariane 5 launches satellites for Japan, USA
08 Aug 2008AMC-21, Superbird-7 pre-launch details
06 Aug 2008AMC-21 installed atop its launcher
29 Jul 2008Fifth Ariane 5 of this year delivered to Arianespace
18 Jul 2008AMC-21 joins Superbird 7 at Kourou
17 Jul 2008MELCO's Superbird 7 shipped to Kourou
08 Jul 2008ProtoStar I, Badr-6 launch results
13 Feb 2008JSAT plans to acquire Space Communications
29 Oct 2007SES S.A. results Q3 2007
24 Oct 2007News in brief
10 Apr 2007SES Americom launches HD SNG neighbourhood
30 Mar 2007Intelsat 11, Horizons 2 moved to Ariane 5
22 Mar 2007Sea Launch signs satellite repurpose agreement with SES
22 Feb 2007AMC-21 moved from Zenit 3-SLB to Ariane 5
22 Jan 2007AAS says 2006 was 'exceptional'
08 Jan 2007Arianespace 'once again' breaks even
20 Nov 2006SES New Skies orders NSS-9 from Orbital
07 Aug 2006SES Global SA results H1 2006
29 May 2006SES books Land Launch for AMC-21
17 May 2006Arianespace gets launch contracts 271 through 274
24 Apr 2006PBS selects SES Americom for next-gen broadcast delivery
24 Apr 2006AAS to build Americom's AMC-21 using Orbital Sciences platform
10 Apr 2006Arianespace to launch Superbird-7
01 Nov 2005Mitsubishi Electric gets order for Superbird 7
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