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Articles in our archive

09 Oct 2017China launches remote sensing satellite for Venezuela
11 Aug 2011China launches communication satellite for Pakistan
28 May 2010China Digital TV wins satellite TV contract in Venezuela
30 Oct 2009Hugo Chavez claims Venesat is operational
05 Aug 2009Chavez cherishes his Chinese-built satellite
09 Jun 2009Venezuela launches satellite IT centres, but is it making full use of Venesat-1?
01 Jun 2009Lack of Venesat-1 programming blamed on problems on the ground
22 May 2009Update: Venesat rumour mill spinning faster again
21 May 2009Venesat rumour mill spinning faster again
07 Jan 2009Venezuela to take control of Venesat 1
24 Nov 2008Insurers to pay US$144 million for failed NigComSat 1 -- report
19 Nov 2008Quo vadis, Dongfanghong IV?
29 Oct 2008China launches Venesat 1
19 Feb 2008China plans to launch record number of spacecraft this year
31 Jul 2007Launch updates
07 Nov 2005Ar-Sat leasing Anik-E2, not Nimiq-2
21 May 2002Update: Ariane launches
17 May 2002Update: Three firm contracts for Arianespace
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