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STS 119


Articles in our archive

30 Mar 2009Space shuttle Discovery concludes STS-119 mission
16 Mar 2009NASA's Shuttle Discovery launches to fully power ISS
13 Mar 2009Shuttle first, Atlas V later
12 Mar 2009NASA Shuttle launch targeted for no earlier than 15 March
11 Mar 2009Delay of the day: STS-119 (once again)
06 Mar 2009Update: STS-119 moved forward 24 hours
05 Mar 2009STS-119 moved forward 24 hours
23 Feb 2009Delay of the day: STS-119
16 Feb 2009NASA again postpones Discovery launch
09 Feb 2009STS-119 delayed three more days at least
04 Feb 2009STS-119 delayed at least one week
04 Dec 2008Shuttle repair mission to launch next May
01 Dec 2008Endeavour lands after successful mission
10 Sep 2005NASA modifies Boeing International Space Station contract
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