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STS 125


Articles in our archive

22 Apr 2010Lockheed Martin-built Hubble Space Telescope marks 20 years in space
14 Apr 2010Space Foundation honours Hubble Servicing Mission Team
18 Nov 2009Radiation-resistant carbon-nanotube memory tested
24 May 2009Atlantis returns to Earth after Hubble mission
19 May 2009Hubble released after servicing mission
18 May 2009Final spacewalk of STS-125 mission complete
17 May 2009Hubble servicing continued over the weekend
15 May 2009Astronauts complete second spacewalk on Hubble servicing mission
14 May 2009Hubble has new camera and computer
11 May 2009Final Hubble servicing mission has started
30 Apr 2009Hubble mission to start one day earlier than previously planned
10 Apr 2009Delay of the day: Delta IV/GOES-O
30 Mar 2009Space shuttle Discovery concludes STS-119 mission
16 Feb 2009NASA again postpones Discovery launch
05 Jan 2009Launches with ESA participation in 2009
08 Dec 2008Hubble Mission Reset
04 Dec 2008Shuttle repair mission to launch next May
30 Oct 2008Hubble resumes operations - repair mission delayed again
14 Oct 2008Hubble switch to begin tomorrow
30 Sep 2008Update: Hubble stops sending data; repair mission delayed
29 Sep 2008Hubble stops sending data; repair mission delayed
24 Sep 2008NASA announces new target launch dates
18 Sep 2008Stumbling stones for Atlantis launch?
05 Sep 2008Shuttle launch dates delayed
04 Sep 2008Launch updates
29 Aug 2008STS-125 likely to slip to October 11 - Shuttle to 2015 assessment
14 Jun 2008Discovery lands safely after successful mission
22 May 2008STS-125 and 126 moved back
08 Jan 2008NASA announces details of Hubble servicing mission
20 Apr 2007NASA completes reviews for upcoming Hubble mission
30 Oct 2006STS-125: Hubble servicing is ON - sources
19 Oct 2006NASA sets Hubble Servicing Mission D-Day
19 Sep 2006STS-125 - NASA's Flight Of Opportunity
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