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Recorded names for this satellite (36394)

STS 130


Articles in our archive

22 Feb 2010Endeavour makes night landing
17 Feb 2010Cupola window shutters opened
15 Feb 2010Node-3 attached to ISS, Cupola relocated
08 Feb 2010Shuttle Endeavour lifts off to ISS
07 Feb 2010STS-130 delayed at least one day
04 Feb 2010Tranquility, Cupola ready for launch to complete ISS assembly
27 Jan 2010Next shuttle launch date set
05 Jan 2010Launches with ESA participation in 2010
27 Nov 2009Space shuttle crew returns home after 11-day mission
27 Aug 2009Shuttle launch delayed again
18 May 2009Node 3 leaves Thales Alenia Space's plants
04 May 2009European-built Node 3 starts its journey to the ISS
05 Jan 2009Launches with ESA participation in 2009
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