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22 Oct 2013Sounding rocket launched to calibrate SDO instrument
09 Sep 2013NASA awards Astrotech contract for MMS satellite processing
31 Jan 2013NASA awards contract to Astrotech Space Operations-Florida
11 Oct 2010First mission of new Sea Launch in 2011
28 Jul 2010U.S. Bankruptcy Court confirms Sea Launch plan of reorganisation
02 Jul 2010NASA retires TRACE spacecraft
18 May 2010NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory begins its five-year mission
22 Apr 2010First stunning images from NASA's Sun gazer
22 Apr 2010Diving Deep into a Solar Prominence (SDO First Light)
19 Mar 2010New launch date for CryoSat-2 confirmed
12 Feb 2010Aerojet engines support NASA's solar observatory
11 Feb 2010NASA's latest solar observatory launched
10 Feb 2010Atlas V SDO mission rescheduled for 11 February
09 Feb 2010SDO launch delayed one day
05 Feb 2010Atlas V to launch Solar Dynamics Observatory on 9 February
03 Feb 2010Lockheed Martin-built SDO instruments ready for launch
10 Jul 2009SDO arrives at launch site
26 Jun 2009Solar Dynamics Observatory Set For Shipment
23 Jun 2009Sea Launch files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy
03 Mar 2008NASA'S SDO to improve predictions of violent space weather
17 Dec 2007Atmospheric Imaging Assembly for solar satellite delivered
15 Nov 2007Lockheed Martin delivers instrument for NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory
13 Nov 2007NASA's first Ka-band antenna network unveiled
10 Sep 2007NASA Prepares Solar Dynamic Observatory
15 Jun 2007Russian rocket launches German commercial spy satellite
05 Sep 2005AEA to provide Li-ion battery for NASA satellite
21 Feb 2005Galileo Avionica to supply SDO star trackers
28 Dec 2004JAXA books Dnepr launch
30 Sep 2004SDO to be launched by Atlas V
16 Jan 2004Land Launch contract signed
20 Oct 2003New from Sea Launch: Land Launch
01 Oct 2003Galaxy XIII/Horizons 1 successfully sea-launched
25 Aug 2002Improving Solar Relations
21 Aug 2002CU-Boulder to build EVE for SDO
19 Aug 2002NASA selects proposals for SDO mission
01 Oct 2001Common sales and marketing for Sea Launch, Boeing
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