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11 Sep 2017Tesat and BridgeSat partner to provide optical communications
24 Nov 2016Start of service for Europe's SpaceDataHighway
31 Aug 2016Sentinel-1A solar panel hit by micrometeoroid
22 Jun 2016Sentinel-1 satellites combine radar vision
01 Jun 2016First EDRS laser-transmitted image from Copernicus Sentinel-1A
26 Apr 2016Update: Soyuz lifts off from French Guiana after three delays
14 Apr 2016Sentinel-1B pre-launch details
14 Mar 2016Two passengers arrive for Arianespace's next Soyuz flight
26 Feb 2016SENER signs contracts for Sentinel instruments and mechanisms
16 Feb 2016Sentinel-3A in orbit
04 Jan 2016Telespazio to contribute to Sentinel-1 ground segment operations
15 Dec 2015Thales Alenia Space to build Copernicus Sentinel-1C and 1D
29 Jun 2015Sentinel-2 delivers first images
23 Jun 2015Vega lofts new European EO satellite
18 Jun 2015Sentinel-2A pre-launch details
05 Jun 2015Sentinel-2A receives onboard propellant load
28 May 2015Airbus Defence and Space delivers Sentinel-1B radar
08 May 2015Vega assembly continues for Sentinel-2A launch
22 Apr 2015Sentinel-2A arrives in French Guiana for Arianespace's next Vega mission
03 Apr 2015One year ago: first Sentinel satellite launched
28 Nov 2014First image download over new gigabit laser connection in space
10 Nov 2014DLR and ESA sign ground segment cooperation for Sentinel data
28 Oct 2014Copernicus operations secured until 2021
06 Oct 20141st Copernicus satellite now operational
17 Jul 2014Arianespace to launch Sentinel-1B observation satellite
14 Apr 2014Sentinel satellite's first day in space was unusually tense
08 Apr 2014Sentinel-1A completes initial instrument checks
04 Apr 2014Sentinel-1A satellite has unfolded its antenna
03 Apr 2014First Sentinel satellite in orbit
01 Apr 2014Soyuz moved to launch zone for Sentinel-1A mission
31 Mar 2014Sentinel-1A pre-launch details
26 Mar 2014Sentinel-1 fuelled and ready
03 Mar 2014Payload preparations begin for Soyuz mission with Sentinel-1A
24 Feb 2014Sentinel-1A arrives at launch site in French Guiana
21 Jan 2014Sentinel-1A undergoing testing
14 Jan 2014Arianespace Flight VA217 delayed to 6 February 2014
07 Jan 2014Arianespace aims at new record in 2014
25 Nov 2013Sentinel 1A almost complete, testing ahead
28 Oct 2013Astrium delivers radar instrument for Sentinel-1A
02 Jan 2013Selected ESA activities in 2013
23 Jul 2012Radarsat-2 steps in for Envisat
08 Mar 2012Doubts hang over EU's Sentinel radar mission
06 Apr 2011Launch of Sentinel satellites delayed by six months
16 Dec 2010Arianespace to launch Sentinel-1A observation satellite
12 Mar 2010Thales Alenia Space begins development of Sentinel 1B and 3B
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