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24 Feb 2016New NASA CubeSat to test techniques for eliminating RFI
02 Sep 2015SMAP radar likely not recoverable
11 Aug 2015SMAP releases first calibrated data; but radar still out of order
13 Jul 2015SMAP radar stopped working
19 May 2015SMAP begins science operations
26 Feb 2015AstroMesh reflector successfully deploys for NASA's SMAP
01 Feb 2015SMAP in good health after launch
30 Jan 2015SMAP Earth mission launch no earlier than 31 January
29 Jan 2015Delay of the day I: Delta II/SMAP
26 Jan 2015Preview story: Launch of Delta 2 rocket with NASA probe Thursday
21 Jan 2015MUOS-3 launched
09 Jan 2015SMAP pre-launch details
21 Nov 2014NASA's SMAP to use Northrop Grumman's AstroMesh reflector
16 Oct 2014NASA soil moisture mapper arrives at launch site
03 Sep 2014NASA orders extra checks on SMAP's deployable antenna
15 Mar 2013Astrotech Space Operations - California to provide SMAP spacecraft processing
16 Jul 2012NASA launch contracts for Delta II, Falcon 9
09 Jan 2012Astro Aerospace completes Critical Design Audit of SMAP Reflector Boom Assembly
06 Aug 2009Northrop Grumman to provide deployable reflector for SMAP
20 Jul 2009Boeing to spin SMAP sensor
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