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Articles in our archive

22 Apr 2018Sentinel-3B MWR pre-launch details
13 Oct 2017Rokot launches Sentinel-5P
13 Jul 2016Sentinel-3A passes in-orbit commissioning review
06 Apr 2016Initial data from Sentinel-3A very promising
15 Mar 2016ESA agreement with NOAA and USGS for Sentinel satellite data
26 Feb 2016SENER signs contracts for Sentinel instruments and mechanisms
18 Feb 2016EUMETSAT is preparing to exploit Sentinel-3A
16 Feb 2016Sentinel-3A in orbit
15 Feb 2016An in-your-face look at Europe's new Sentinel-3A satellite
09 Feb 2016Thales Alenia Space signs ESA contract to build Sentinel-3C and D
03 Feb 2016Russia to stop Rokot launches under new space programme draft
25 Jan 2016Delay of the day: Sentinel 3A (again)
12 Jan 2016Delays of the day: Proton, Soyuz, Rokot
18 Dec 2015Sentinel-3A completes pre-launch tests
04 Dec 2015Sentinel-3A launch campaign commenced
02 Dec 2015Sentinel-3A arrived at launch site
20 Nov 2015Sentinel-3A en route to Plesetsk
05 Oct 2015Sentinel 3A launch may be delayed owing to missing upper stage
26 Jan 2015Fit-checks for Sentinel satellites completed
24 Apr 2014Radiometer for Sentinel-3 delivered
31 Mar 2014Sentinel-1A pre-launch details
30 Jan 2014ESA books Eurockot launch for Sentinel-5p satellite
24 Oct 2013Astrium delivers microwave radiometer for the Sentinel-3A satellite
09 Feb 2012ESA contracts Eurockot for two Sentinel launches
12 Mar 2010Thales Alenia Space begins development of Sentinel 1B and 3B
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