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16 Jun 2015TRMM spacecraft completes destructive re-entry over South Indian Ocean
10 Apr 2015The TRMM rainfall mission comes to an end after 17 years
09 Apr 2015Rain research satellite ends science mission, heads for re-entry
19 Aug 2014TRMM slowly comes to an end
28 Feb 2014Update: GPM launched
27 Dec 2013NASA and JAXA announce launch date for Global Precipitation Satellite
09 Apr 2013Raytheon brings automation and virtualisation to NASA's Earth Observing System
09 Feb 2012Spaceborne dual-frequency precipitation radar ships from Japan to U.S.
31 Jul 2009NASA, JAXA sign agreement on GPM mission
07 Sep 2005NASA announces Software of the Year award winners
20 Jun 2005NASA extends TRMM, report
04 Jan 2005NASA to operate TRMM through spring 2005
19 Sep 2004Weather satellite worth saving
08 Aug 2004NASA extends TRMM Operations through hurricane season
19 Jul 2004NASA confirms it plans to de-orbit TRMM
15 Jul 2004JAXA agrees to terminate Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission
12 Jul 2004U. scientist fears demise of Earth-imaging satellite
05 Jul 2004NASA Plan To Kill TRMM Mission Spurs Backlash, Debate
10 Jun 2004Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission to be discontinued, report
09 Feb 2004Heads Up! Debate over Deorbiting Hubble
02 Aug 2002Japanese antenna for precipitation measurement
18 Jun 2002Satellite proves: more summer rain in big cities
28 May 2002ESA selects new Earth-Observation missions
27 Aug 2001Higher orbit, longer life for TRMM
23 Jul 1998TRMM data on the Internet
28 Nov 1997TRMM, ETS-VII launched
18 Nov 1997NASA's dress rehearsal
06 Nov 1997Finally! El NiƱo in Sat-ND
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