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Articles in our archive

02 Jul 2008Malfunction wipes out more than half of Galaxy 26 capacity
18 Apr 2006Intelsat, Ltd. results 2005
28 Feb 2006WildBlue 1 to launch in Q4 2006
04 Apr 2005Genesis Networks on IA-7 and IA-13
04 Mar 2005Design flaw zapped IA-7; Intelsat to drop in-orbit insurance
03 Mar 2005Intelsat results 2004
19 Jan 2005Déjà Vu
17 Jan 2005Intelsat 804 fails, declared total loss
23 Dec 2004Intelsat Ltd. receives FCC approval for Zeus transaction
22 Dec 2004WildBlue 1 delayed -- possibly 18 months
13 Dec 2004IA-8 delay latest bad news for Sea Launch, report
10 Dec 2004IA-8 launch delayed while IA-7 investigation continues
06 Dec 2004StarBand satellite Internet service restored
03 Dec 2004The miraculous resurrection of Intelsat Americas 7
30 Nov 2004Intelsat Shuffles Capacity After IA-7 Satellite Fails
30 Nov 2004Lockheed's Loss in Space
30 Nov 2004Major satellite in mystery shutdown
30 Nov 2004Companies offer solutions for IA-7 Starband users
29 Nov 2004'Electrical anomaly' kills Intelsat Americas 7
14 Sep 2004SkyPort on Intelsat's IA-7
02 Jun 2004Loral rolls out commercial SkyReach service in Americas
15 Apr 2004Loral completes SkyReach service trials
23 Mar 2004StarBand and Loral sign satellite leasing accord
18 Mar 2004Intelsat buys, renames Loral's North American satellites
20 Feb 2004Russian World on Atlantic Bird, more channels planned
22 Sep 2003Loral declares Telstar 4 total loss
08 Aug 2003Zenit 3 SL lofts EchoStar IX/Telstar 13
15 Jul 2003Loral files for chapter 11, sells 6 satellites to Intelsat
03 Apr 2003MCPC platform on Telstar 7
11 Sep 2001XM delays launch after attacks on U.S. targets
15 Jun 2001Loral \"seeding\" Telstar 7 antennas
06 Sep 2000Gilat-to-Home on Telstar 7
26 May 2000Echostar IX = Telstar 13
16 May 2000Atlas III launch delayed 24 hours
19 Apr 2000OlympuSAT on Telstar 7
10 Mar 2000TVE Internacional revamped
12 Jan 2000Vyvx on Telstar 7
28 Sep 1999Telstar 7
20 Sep 1999Arianespace reveals provisional launch manifest
06 Sep 1999Koreasat 3 launched
17 Aug 1999Arianespace signs three launch contracts
28 Jul 1999Telstar 7 switches launch vehicle
18 Jun 1999Telstar 7 on Ariane 4 instead of Atlas 3?
12 Jun 1999Hello goodbye
21 May 1999Atlas 3A has to wait
17 Mar 1999Telstar 6 in service
10 Mar 1999Ready for erection
14 Dec 1998Coming soon: Telstar 6
09 Nov 1998Loral: focus on core leasing and data services
13 Oct 1998Telstar 6 back in the USA
05 Jul 1997Telstar 5 up and running
26 May 1997TELSTAR 5 UP
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