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Articles in our archive

29 Nov 2018ABB to manufacture optical sensor for GHGSat
09 Oct 2018Thales Alenia Space signs Mars Sample Return study contracts
11 Sep 2017SkySat Earth observation satellites delivered
03 Feb 2017Planet Labs buys Google's satellite imaging business
10 Jan 2017Google in talks to sell its Terra Bella satellite imagery unit
11 Oct 2016Spaceflight to launch Terra Bella satellites aboard Falcon 9
16 Sep 2016Vega lofts five satellites
06 Sep 2016PerúSAT-1 and Terra Bella satellites installed for Vega launch
31 Aug 2016Payload integration begins for Arianespace Flight VV07
03 Aug 2016Successful on-orbit commissioning of SkySat-3 HPGP propulsion system
22 Jun 2016India's PSLV launches Cartosat-2C and 19 co-passengers
03 Feb 20163D printer tested aboard ISS
20 Nov 2015Satellite sensors would deliver global fire coverage
14 Apr 2014SES to connect Antarctica to Milan
09 Apr 2013Raytheon brings automation and virtualisation to NASA's Earth Observing System
10 Dec 2012India to Try Again With Cryogenic Upper Stage After Long Gap
02 Dec 2011Hacked Satellites?: USCC Makes Claims It Can't Support
31 Oct 2011NASA confirms \"suspicious events\"
27 Oct 2011U.S. satellites hacked?
26 Jan 2011Galileo: Europe's Satellite Scheme is Lost in Space
20 Oct 2010Prototype NASA Earth camera goes for test flight
10 Nov 2008Northrop Grumman CERES sensor delivered
04 Jun 2008Northrop Grumman to modify CERES sensor
11 Jan 2008One year ago: China blows up weather satellite in ASAT test
06 Jul 2007Terra avoids close encounter with Chinese space debris
03 Jan 2007Raytheon delivers VIIRS sensor engineering development unit
04 Dec 2006Leo Terra, TerreStar may pool LEO, GEO satellites
19 Sep 2006NASA's Earth Observing System receives 2006 Space Systems Award
30 Mar 2006Raytheon tests advanced sensor engineering development unit
06 Dec 2005Ball Aerospace completes NPP instrument verification and test
17 Oct 2005Orbital Debris Quarterly News, October 2005
20 Jul 2005Aura marks first anniversary in orbit
19 Jul 2005Terra mission extension good news for UM group
05 Jan 2005Ball Aerospace completes assembly and integration on NPP
04 Nov 2004Another Northrop SIRU in space
15 Jul 2004Aura finally lifts off aboard Delta II
08 Jul 2004Suspect transistors delay Aura launch
02 Apr 2004Northrop Grumman delivers NASA's Aura to Vandenberg
16 Dec 2003Integral Systems remote sensing antenna on-line
08 Oct 2003IAGT buys Integral Systems' Skylight satellite downlink system
11 Aug 2003Northrop receives award for CERES instruments
15 Apr 2003Desert research with Integral's SKYLIGHT satellite downlink system
19 Mar 2003Integral Terminals for Terra and Aqua
04 Nov 2002Pluto or Bust
24 Jun 2002Ground terminal with science products
23 May 2002Ball Aerospace to provide NPP spacecraft bus
04 May 2002Aqua
05 Apr 2002U.S. military uses NASA satellites, report
29 Mar 2002Update: Problems with MODIS
28 Mar 2002Problems with MODIS
15 Feb 2002NASA's sophisticated space thermometer
17 Oct 2001Low-cost reception of imaging satellites
13 Sep 2001Satellite imagery of WTC, Pentagon
06 Sep 2001U.S. spy satellite launch set for 8 September
29 Aug 2001NASA satellite keeping tabs on wildfires
22 Aug 2001The wizards of orbits
22 Jun 2001Spacecraft's Supercamera Captures Earth in All Its Detail
01 Jun 2001Spacecraft maps pollution problem around the globe
01 Jun 2001Scientists Zoom in on Urban Development—from Space
29 Nov 2000CSOC to provide TT&C for NASA
01 Nov 2000Terra hiccups
29 Jun 2000Two contracts to study NPP
27 Dec 1999Terra problems don't threaten mission
23 Dec 1999TRW receives NPOESS contract
23 Dec 1999Bechtel builds launch pads
20 Dec 1999Terra launched
17 Dec 1999Double Delay instead of Double Feature
15 Dec 1999Terra readied for launch
06 Sep 1999Lockheed Martin's Centaur RL10 engines cleared for flight
18 May 1999Raytheon receives Landsat 7
10 Feb 1999EOS AM-1 renamed Terra
08 Jan 1998CERES works
23 Oct 1997Miracl: vox populi
25 Apr 1997GOES-K WENT UP
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