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10 Feb 2009Boeing wins two arbitration cases
14 Jan 2008Next attempt to launch Thuraya-3 on 15 January
01 Nov 2007Sea Launch vessels heading to the equator for Thuraya-3 launch
04 Oct 2007Thuraya 3 shipped to Sea Launch
13 Jun 2006Zenit-3SL to launch Thuraya-3 early next year
30 May 2006Thuraya to launch third satellite in 2007, may order fourth
13 Sep 2004Insurers want compensation from Boeing for faulty solar arrays
02 Aug 2004Thuraya 1 arrives at new slot
03 May 2004Thuraya extends African coverage area southward
22 Mar 2004Thuraya results 2003
13 Oct 2003Thuraya expands coverage area with new satellite
15 Sep 2003Boeing may face US$1 billion in insurance claims — WSJ
21 Jul 2003MER-1 trajectory corrected
06 Jun 2003Thuraya-2 pre-launch details
29 May 2003Thuraya-2 en route to the equator
27 May 2003Thuraya 2 on 10 June 2003
19 May 2003Thuraya 2 on its way
23 Oct 2002Anik F1: increased power loss could affect \"core services\"
18 Jun 2002Boeing to launch Thuraya-2, build Thuraya-3
06 Jun 2002Thuraya may order replacement for first satellite
08 Apr 2002Thuraya-2 to be launched in 2003
14 Feb 2002Thuraya 2 in 2002?
06 Feb 2002Thuraya takes over satellite from Boeing
01 Oct 2001Boeing 702s have problems with novel solar arrays
09 Aug 2001Thuraya 2 at the end of 2002
04 Jul 2001AstroMesh antenna for new Intelsat reviewed
19 Jun 2001Thuraya roll-out in July 2001
04 Dec 2000Thuraya works
17 Nov 2000More Records
31 Oct 2000Inmarsat to use Thuraya
25 Oct 2000Thuraya-1 in working order
23 Oct 2000Thuraya 1
20 Oct 2000Delay of the day
11 Oct 2000Thuraya-1 pre-launch details
18 Mar 2000Zenit crash: whose fault was it?
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