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21 Feb 2013Telesat Holdings Inc. results 2012
08 Jul 2012Special: Telstar 1 and its implications over 50 years
12 Jun 2012SS/L-built satellites get new launch dates
11 Jun 2012Sea Launch says Intelsat 19 launch was nominal
03 Jun 2012Intelsat 19 solar array stuck
29 Feb 2012Loral Space results 2011
22 Feb 2012Telesat Holdings Inc. results 2011
18 Jan 2012Telesat received insurance payment for Telstar 14R
04 Nov 2011Telesat Holdings Inc. results Q3 2011
22 Aug 2011Inquiry Finds Cable Clip to Blame For Telstar 14R Deployment Failure
04 Aug 2011New Dawn, Telstar 14R problems likely to trigger insurance claims
25 May 2011Telstar 14R fails to fully deploy solar array
21 May 2011Update: Proton M with Telstar 14R on board lifts off
20 May 2011Proton M with Telstar 14R on board lifts off
18 May 2011Telstar 14R pre-launch details
03 May 2011Hughes takes Telstar 14R capacity
20 Apr 2011Telstar 14R/Estrela do Sul 2 delivered to Baikonur
16 Jul 2009Telesat orders Telstar 14 replacement from SS/L
02 Jun 2009Telesat sells interest in Telstar 10 (Apstar IIR)
22 May 2009Update: Venesat rumour mill spinning faster again
10 Jul 2006Chile's ENTEL to use Estrela do Sul/Telstar 14 capacity
20 Mar 2006Loral Skynet back in North America
02 Feb 2006Loral to build, operate Telstar 11N
07 Nov 2005Brazilian distance learning on Estrela do Sul-1
10 Sep 2005Ar-Sat: Argentina in a hurry to find investors and gapfiller
02 Aug 2005Analysis: Argentina to go ahead with Ar-Sat, looking for gap-filler
11 May 2004Spacehab results Q3 FY2004
21 Jan 2004Loral to initiate limited service on crippled satellite
13 Jan 2004Telstar 14 fails to fully deploy solar array
12 Jan 2004Star of the South: from the equator into space
08 Jan 2004Telstar 14/Estrela do Sul 1 pre-launch details
30 Dec 2003Telstar 14/Estrela do Sul cruising to the equator
24 Nov 2003Estrela do Sul arrives at Sea Launch Home Port
15 Jul 2003Loral files for chapter 11, sells 6 satellites to Intelsat
01 Apr 2003Loral results 2002
10 Feb 2003Connexion by Boeing trial on Eutelsat
23 Sep 2002Loral to share APSTAR-V with APT
22 Aug 2002Two more transponders for Connexion
31 Jul 2002Loral Space & Communications results 2Q 2002
25 Jul 2002Connexion books two Eutelsat IIF4 transponders
14 Feb 2002Loral Space & Communications 4Q 2001 results
14 Aug 2001Loral establishes Estrela do Sul ground station in Rio
14 May 2001More RS-68 tests
24 Apr 2001Estrela do Sul on Delta IV
23 Nov 2000Loral Skynet do Brasil receives license for Brasil 1(T)
07 Nov 2000Star of the South over the North Atlantic
23 Aug 2000Loral announces \"Star of the South\"
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